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Dr T P Sasikumar


S H I K S H A - Hyderabad

1000 copies printed

For private circulation only

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Edition - November 2017


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Dear Readers 

I am delighted to see my Chachus (DrTPS) 100 poems in print. I always enjoyed reading them raw and unedited. I consider myself to be lucky as I got the privilege of relooking at them to edit and post them in our blog Rhythm of Life.

His poetry flows directly from his heart and whenever I gave him a topic, he made a poem out of it with an ease. This rhythmic flow of his thoughts into words had inspired me to choose the title Rhythm of Life for this collection of poems.

I enjoyed the exercise of editing this book as it also gave me an opportunity of learn about how to match pictures to the title and content to present it in this form before you.

Constant contact with Chachu and also the lessons and ideas on innovative creations is my inspiration to work on this project.

I present this book of poetry to you for reflecting yourself.


1. Victorian Celebration - Late Visit

Read the western Scotland writers
Dreamt to visit West - night at the Thames
Unread me from village never desired
But I visited un-noticed to celebrate

Felt walking along roads like Sherlock
Baker street to Madame Tussauds
Real model men and women stayed
Un modeled celebrated selfie with lot

Beach with the Best of Lords and Gods
Across colored sky scenes of my life
Seen love legacy -  world celebrated
Scene vanished with two-foot prints

Heavenly blue came and said - no Grieve
Wait - our reunion is soon after the dark
As partners, again never we could think
You defined the greater Kingdom failed

Gifted LIFE each day and the day after
To dream about tomorrow, to celebrate now
To love a little one must live a lot
To live a little one must love a lot

After all the little journey till green park
Ordinary can be extraordinary like tulips
Daffodils - Lilacs - Sunflowers - count
Children on stars not to bury happiness

Secret buried treasure chest heart
Little moments made life celebrate
When I go so many things left to see
Tear not but thank for good years

Coleridge 1772-1834 stayed here
House board in London street said
Kubla Khan came out in memory
I took a snap along to cherish ahead

Traveled alone trusted, grief comforted
Love around softened and clear at home
When brown leaves caught the glimpse
Lengthening shadows showed long life
Walked slowly down long path with son
He is graduating that gave a celebration

Manchester train took us to Milton Keys
Mom is on her best gifts, treasure of love
Saw Yadu's guide mentor friend in heart

The royal to Imperial college change
Mining to material department progress
No units to measure worth of legacy
Taught science with life in love and fight

Land of wonderful grandmother, not old
Smile of sunshine that saw up and down
Victorian Green park to Brexit new gain!
Colonial balance is seen without grief

Share the celebration of life, start to end
Moments are new for no begin to end
Rising sun and setting sun looks colored
Blowing wind that chill of winter we know
Remember them as pit and falls-not normal



When One says or asks -
A bus station is where a bus stops
A train station is where a train stops
A work station is ...
You call SMART
But not Gentle

Smart are around
Takes pen and write
Draw very well
Act SMART, Study well

Early morning till evening
Trade to Business or Spiritual
Effective and Affective
Always on toes
Smart is fast and full

If I predict a fire closely
I ran and escaped rain
Without hit I get to new style door
Climb or drop fast
Finish exam fast and full
You call me smart
I am self and individual

When I get along with
Large group and speak
Sharp and convincing
Catch the audience
You call me Gentle and smart
It is being social and public

Here comes the famous
Vivekananda's dialogue
- In your country tailor
and in our country culture
makes a gentleman
Gentle and Smart


3. My Silent Inner Self

Whenever and Whatever I reveal
Immediately the inner me says
I shouldn't have, as is not wise
My enjoyment died and I am silent

I pushed myself to be smart
Created precious moments
Busy I wiped it as always
I am scared of many around

In poetry or in painting
One love to fly with freedom
Life is not as simple as
Physics that defines limits

Rules can't decide
The inner silent self
That speaks volumes
On little nuance of life

Inner self-silence is the
Unpainted gaps in my painting
Little gaps and space in the poems
That is the beauty of my life

You or me - conscious self
Can't decipher thoughts

My brush danced in color palette
In mixed feelings and painted
But left gaps that are best untold
Mixed words inside the lines
Writing poetry to express all in me
Left gaps at unseparated feelings

Listening to your inner self
See the creativity fly around
You be the master innovator
Start your journey on

Shallow thoughts have
A deep inner feel
Give a chill to Inner self
Silent self will speak out


4. Live Technologically to be Live

Life is good when one keeps up-to-date
Technology is so near to door step
Pop-ups and whats-apps
Likes and chats beyond Linked-in

I took birth in BC - Before Computer
And migrated to digital
You young ones of AD - After Digital
I am a Bit and Byte slow

All get wedded to Wi-Fi today
Booster and the web
Earlier web and net was
Disturbing and traps

Booting gave a way to start
Wake up after a sleep
Never could know sleep is this
Hibernation could be this simple

Technology came to fasten
My process to save my time
Now Wasting time on time pass
Time saver ate away my time

Got many far so closer and
Got my near ones so far away
Contacts increased to many
Many contacts went far off
Gave good publicity
Lost the privacy too

Earlier bulky television
Operated nearby slim rich
Now slim TV’s with poor or rich
The remote in hand of obese
Real technology contribution

Windows were to see out
It gave good wind too
Neighbors friends across window
Came close and doors were open
Multiple windows now show the world
None opens the door to any

Revoked and refrigerated heated
Microwave and fresh old foods
Against first fresh cook of mom
MOM controlled kids and now
Mobile Operational Management
DAD is Database Application Developer
Kids are thus on video games

Tilting hip and neck is jammed
With lap-top and smart-phone
All scratched head on questions
For answer now scratch in palm

Spiritual people prayed RAM
And performed better in bliss
Today more RAM system gives
Guaranteed performance to bliss

Home was where the heart ends
And we love to be there in the end
Thus, home is end for all
In computer home is what takes
One opposite to end - at start

Antibiotics were for diseased
But antivirus protects system
So much of extra care life is in
Life is being active and respond
But many live and life is not shown
Technology makes you no escape
Everyone will see you and force to be live


5. Nirvana is Ultimate Teaching

Good physic
Intellectually and emotionally balanced
Social and spiritual too
I remained

Day to day enduring with life
In Nirvana is bliss
No worry and wait is not
The ultimate cure – Nirvana

But being social till breath ends
Will let happiness never start
Dis-ease is part of daily deal
Out on work faces fake and irks

Senseless is life when you don't have
Money - People - Fame - Power
Empty mind and lifeless body
Unused brain and no one around
None can hold being spiritual
Other than being hidden in cocoon
Justify this is bliss and bloom
Bloom with God, to be spiritual

We are taught in tradition
Himalayan masters meditate
Meditation in action
Nothing in life matters
Joy and positive are not around
It is in - just receive from within
And halted life is death

Care and warmth is feeling
Learning is realizing
Body is to take us along
Social is not helping
It is being with them
A smile takes millions of miles along

You live on this message - is good
You teach this message - is better
You have someone following you
Learning from seeing you in bliss
Acharya - Nirvana is your teaching


6. LIFE Achievement

Like everyone, for me too
Life is for achieving
Life is to full-fill

It is like When I think of new
It is too far ahead
When I think of what I got
It is just behind

Breaking the seed of desire
Dry and wet it in soil
Start as small as this
Look at the ray of light
Hope draws my path ahead

I don't stop growing
I don't stop liking
I don't stop thinking
I don't stop looking
I don't stop talking
I don't stop stopping

I do work waking up
Early to late
Night after day Or
Day before the night

Heart burned desire
Within interest rates
How much do better
Cools when it is done

Yes, yes dear God
Bless me with this
Added will not over have
I stepped upon one to make
Never ever thought will see
One after other as goes up
Next became so near

That is organized
Professional achievements
But on these steps ahead

Bigger goals, races raced
Lost are the small smiles
Unseen from the nearby
Formal change in lip curve
Within Deep empty grave

I took little strength
Triggered down my ladder
To see my students
Cheer across million miles
Bliss till last breath

Now Achievement is not a hunt
It is what plays around me
No race nor up and far ahead
Achieved is far behind

I found fulfillment
Not between life and death
It is in between each breath
That is life Achievement


7. VIBGYOR of LIFE Live / Learn - In Full Enjoyment

Vibrant ::

Every moment be in action
Don't think of failures and keep full
Each moment is a step towards
creating a great LIFE ahead
Laziness is the biggest enemy
that is within you - don't allow it inside

Initiative ::

The first thought of doing something
comes from within
Give birth to that thought
Don't leave it to die
Every great success
starts with the first step in the action

Bold ::

When you decided to do,
go ahead
Waiting for Opportunity is like
watching for luck

Growth ::
Growth comes from
attitude-opportunity and skill
First, this zeal for growth must grow in self
Shelter not, kick start the growth inside to grow out

Yes-ness ::

Be ready in stretching hands
to do anything and everything
Don't see the immediate self-benefit
Anything you do to others
is an experience and learning for you
Solve someone's problem like your own;
You gain multiple lives and you will be
a magnet attracting many around you

Observe ::
Best learning in life is through observation
Everyone has equal opportunity;
but success is with one who has
ability to analyze, judge, evaluate,
differentiate, discriminate etc.
These are possible only when you observe
Use these experiential observations wisely
that will lead you to success

Relation ::

Don't hesitate to speak to anyone
and maintain decent contact and relationship
This is the quality of human being and being social


8. "Is this Masquerade?"

What is my issue in life?
I have many around
All are into their own
I am alone

I wanted to be different
I am

Thoughts and reality
Conflicts in many
They want to do many things

Yes 'but' is the villain
Who creates this villain
It is within
This is the failure of each of us
"The But"

Hopes, thoughts, reality
Matches and
Wisdom Prevails
So you be in bliss


9. Uthsav - Nostalgic Dance

To walk back in time
Redefined life stream
Only to see young
Again the old we
In company undone hatred
Under the sad-mood
Felt all as mine
Never felt fight
But has to fight self
Nostalgia blocked
Breath and blood
Shown the dance
Utsav in temple

What attracted the mass?
Decorated God on
Priest's head
Across seen
Dark hair of clouds
In large group
Nostalgic mood
Depth in thoughts
Deep love
Unchanged steps
Gave Happy gaze

My Childhood Days
Grown we all
Unchanged crowd
Golden Days
The same ever
No change
Then why witness
It is the people across
The mood of the lot
Many with heirs
Just to inherit


10. Amma :: Richer-Done :: Rich-Left

She had the royal connect
Grandpa in Mysore Palace
Retained it all-through
Else why president for Marina
All India more or less flew to
Rajaji hall to marina beach

Pious in prays stayed
Afoot beside for rituals
Now at Marina sleeps
Non-ritualistic Dravidian
Not on true Brahmanism

Clothed in green waited
In pious-ness for burial
Sanctimonious tomb
Royal beside her MGR
Epitaph ashore Marina

As a drama; death declared
After all is set to new CM
Governor stayed midnight
Police covered roads around
All know that she is no more
But kept stayed to set all in
Poured in all friends and foes

Made enough and more money
Got more enemies than friends
Wrong and right decisions
Strong stayed; got in troubles

Color TV changed her color once
And she came in colorful on TV
Sweet sixteen in English movie
Rolled in Kannada over Hindi
Hundreds in Tamil and Telugu

Prison for days; soon acquitted
Film fame to fifth time elected
Stayed as most bankable actress
Started in Hindi with Kishore Kumar

First film in Tamil with 'A'
In Tamil assembly dresses
Full jacket covered in hit
Both were high glamour paid

'Lagtha nahi hai dil yaha'
'Aajaa sanam' song she sang
Shown her singing sensation
Extra stood crossed interviews
Never gave catch to press
Got caught in grassroots

Jaya was not just Lalitha
But was nil without MGR
Sita to Rama; Left Janaki
Jaya to amma was growth
Fun Film to power politics

Left Sasikala alone; the shadow
Left foster-son on golden wed
Left dreams just at sixty-eight
Left heap of books she loved
Left huge group of poor-down


11. Quest in Chest

My treasure in chest
Cool in the summer
Warm in the winter
Blur when near
Far it felt clear
Cheer as it is out
The quest walk

Too far I could, Go alone gaze
Ablaze peace, Quest remain
Door to knowledge
Effort alone - The skill
That gel – attitude

This opens the door - Steps to the future
Bad temper at times - Self-fooled along
All around says settle
No guarantee, don't - Less is your chance
Risk not, get to job

Created job and home
Wedded and got kids
Expectations are nil
Made no learning ahead

Two embraced in love
No mistakes flashed
Farewell from home
Dishonor advice
Vacation and fun

Legends say dream high
I loved my days created
Small dreams in many
Said love your days
Weep not your days

Broken bridges halt not; Make you a swimmer
The Horizon to sky you reach
Be on ground unhappy

Stay in father's feet - Use mother's tongue
Fill fountain of spirit, Unending passion
Crave rewarding power, Give a self-promise
Learned is to use, Achieve wisdom
Experience society


12. Attitude + Skill + Opportunity

= Performance / Success

"Udyoginam purushasimham upaiti Lakshmi..."

When someone tries hard
With focus and efficiency,
Lakshmi or prosperity would smile on him

So not to simply depend on Fate
but to strive hard
Even if fails, later you wouldn't feel
If it was for want of trying

So the two necessary conditions
For success are
Attitude / Effort(preparedness) and
Grace (opportunity / environment)

The trials will improve skill
That can be used for next trial / activity


13. At Midnight – Sip Herbal Lemon Tulasi Tea

Weak after Long travel
Or during heavy rain
At midnight Tulasi tea
JNAANAM misty chill
Ever waiting for the sip
Mug to lips to tongue
In my favorite mug
Warm tea with no sweet
Never in honey or sugar
You are the one I need

Misty mid night to morning
Stirred the spoon stayed in
Vapors up and love below
Aromatic golden drink of love

Midnight Herbal tea stayed
Jnaanam memory in mug
Waiting for another day tea
Strong red in milk and sugar


14. Make LIFE a Journey

I am a traveler alone
Love to make a good group
To travel along with me
So that I can convert it as a journey
Alone all of us are on our travel

Journey against travel
Is distinct, as it has a purpose and
Leads to achievement with enjoyment

Let our LIFE be –
Live In Full Enjoyment
Let It Flourish Ever

Mentoring Children
Guide as one reaches
higher education and employed
Help in Life Management during Middle age
Give Spiritual direction while in LIFE


15. Sword and love filled heart

Gayathri Devi stood distinctly
Man Singh and Jai Singh too
Life changed beyond control
Deep within had a deep pure soul

Tears that are not visible to the naked eye,
Silent screams that no one can hear
Anger turned into courage holding hands
A feeling in sad and worthless spoke

Holding one hand promise marriage
Two hands holding should mean a lot
City made by King of Amber, Jai Singh
Heritage and science in Jantar Mantar

Pinky Hawa Mahal traded pearl and cloth
Cherished Doob Jal Mahal Jadhoo boy
Light and sound stories kings and queens
Spoke on Muslim Mughal and Hindu Rajas
Unspoken lady princess stayed closed
In Red and Pink endorsing chambers
Seen the mirror reflected races in blue

Creative skills of Prasi danced with tunes
Got official Brig Sajan, missed care of love
Paru's hands thrown around canon clicks
Unbeatable Gaya fully on gunned shoots

Rajput, Mughal and European styles
The diamonds on crown glittered
Showing the wonders of marble art
Red grade stone wealth of Rajput

Cultures and rituals in pink city heart
An incredible glory of army shouldered
Intimates make zeal in life to live on
A must pride visit for every Indian

Someone close pulled string
Akbar dug self out in despair
Jodha was mute in distress
Planned mix of life of Rajput

( +@# )
My sister Praseetha
- Husband Brig Sajan & daughters Paru and Gaya


16. Others tears roll on my lips

Travel start on call from people I know
Ends in tearful kids, calling me Abbo
Many tears escaped from my eyes
Filled feelings in paper to reach me

Somehow I know many, keeps contact
My world is a small village of learners
When one Burns Fire in stomach alone
Beyond control want to empty in void

Many have a bigger world than mine
But has a great heart beating tears
Many need to sail from sadness pain
Loneliness causes tear filled nights

North-East days taught me pain of one
Months of chilled loneliness in tears
Waiting for home lift craves in vain
Tears fall down in eyes to be hidden

Waited for someone would comfort
Uncomforted tears in eyes never stopped
Life in reading and drawing spirit left
Prayed for hand of help years waited

Seen the beautiful rainbow in west
The World could be never so geometric
Systematic government or God's plan
Spreading its wings in East I dreamt

I reached heights and waited watched
Fall of eyes down in sorrow every year
Allowed others tears roll on my lips
Hearing my poems opened to me

Goodbye never said to North-East
There is no in between next visit
That thought comes as brain empties
Though Heart pounding into poems


17. Want of Care

Dear be careful with your heart
Don't let it out to any to break apart
Share it to none as when you get it
It would be back in bits and pieces

'Swayam aathma nibhandanam sukham'
Says the saying as it says be in-self
Feel warm in self, don't shiver for love
Be alone in-noticed in shadow don't care

Stayed strong on the ground rooted
None could scrap me off and kick down
No care if you throw anything to hurt me
Call me stupid and scold, I don't care

No fear of failure, I know the world around
Cruel and greedy care none, busy selves

I am alive with me inside alone in cold dark
It is young screw up relations in bad state

The old fell from chair and pair took care
Heard, one said be careful, he recognized

Busy earning around, never knew why?
Wish someone care, bad shouldn't happen

Someone is essential, cook and feed
Care and love or control and guide
Care is more of worries and pain
Heart burns and feel they did it to you

Suffering and disappointment is end
When care is just unseen and took
Careless and bring you down shaking
Dreams and love on the loved ones

Fights and pretend showed care
No matter, hurt is love and care
Someone around always caring
Leaving no time for self, over-care

At the end of all it is old me alone
None around will care, who cares


18. My old age at Abandoned Jnaanam

Let me tell my forgotten stories of troubles
Comfort was never ever my cup of tea
I loved troubles and took scene out to
Watch sitting beside the window shield

Darkness embracing my sorrow childhood
Belly of darkness was the tiny small rooms
Black flowers collected drops of dew
Its petals lightened moonlight reflected

Not a road, pathway just fit for one ended
At my home gate and deep inside no trace
No houses beside nor far in sight away
Struck aloof as life too saintly undesired

Inside my heart suffering that I enjoyed
Made me Not to appreciate another’s
Are we created not to care any around?
Face of nature so coldly ruthless I felt

I voluntarily indoctrinated at Jnaanam
Due to desperate need to be with bright
Lot of students and professionals always
Kept an illusion of purpose that was false

Celebrate the un conferencing diversity
Sense to make sense of senselessness
Everyone dream and aspire; I had nil
Taught what is love or this way is better

Truthful than anyone else understands
Depicted spirit and love of learning
Can guilt LIFE in Enjoyment for long
Identified humanity is sharing learning

Kept cultural - social - political - religious
Stay away differences for being social
Reflected the notable unity in diversity
Lost now in the dark of aloof unwanted

Learned if not institutionalized
If not created belt of identity tag
I like anyone will be abandoned after
LIFE mentor help you to cross trouble


19. Ram Ram in Fiery Fiji

BULA in Itaukei welcome in Nadi
Di is NDI and thus Nadi is Nandi
Ram Ram in Fiery Fiji
I saluted the bullock of the Shiva
Then for RAMA on Shiva at Suva

Sand beneath my feet off shore
At the end of Indian Ocean
Finally, I am here in Fiji Conference
Warmth inactive and emptiness

Cold nor hot neither drizzle
I looked through the blue sky
Palm trees decorated the pave
Leaves swaying softly in the breeze

My most favorite Hibiscus
BULA shirts over SULU
Gave the variety colorful
Dry dark stem in black soil

I saw the Fijians, Guyana, Penang
Canberra and Auckland, Mauritius
Core Hindi group of Tulsidas
An odd me and the Archie Rao

Satwik food supplied, only had
Lost chance of spicy Fijian food
My Kerala attire was a change
Taste on tea too remained stable

Beautifully bloomed flowers
Dance in glee ramleela is left
Beauty and wonder of Fiji too
Warmest comfort under hot sun

Solitude I stayed in island Fiji
Heart filled storms unstopped
Through the sea storms stayed
Dreamt sublime Sita alone

No city noise still unending joys
Alone young in heart dust I slept
Inside soul solo blanket shielded
Hesitation lonely road silent walk

I shall return for now, I must travel
Across tranquil sea long enjoyed
I softly kiss Fiji as it has origin Gurmit
Had fiery days on British and self

Scenery - Architecture BULA
BULA from lovely people
As I wished Ram Ram
It is to return again one day

An odd me =. Only me who is from south India. - Rao too had his office activity in Delhi.
All others from UP / Varanasi / Delhi / Mumbai and all on Tulsidas and Ramleela
Archie = man who is from Archaeology
Gurmit = Indians brought to Fiji by British Force in early nineteen nineties on agreement
Suva = Capital city where conferenced RAMA, Nadi = International Airport
BULA = welcome ,   SULU = dress that is commonly used here
Taste on tea too remained stable = I prefer tea, here all love coffee or masala tea


20. Thoughts Haunts

I lost my thoughts
Once I thought I was ending

Every day sleeping in dark room
I never thought of next day
Darkness filled the home
Pooja room lit by the oil lamp

Drizzling sounds of music rain
Pushed my thoughts out and wet
My ears filled in soundless ends
Eyes in tears when haunted

I am pushed harder all alone
Screaming for a catch in the water
October second - a day of
Silent Karmic man's memorial

I whispered to myself many times
When I lost my catch 'I am alone'
Many were around all the time
But none heard my murmur

All always got away with work
I am left alone with regrets
What I lost was my thoughts
Once I thought I was ending

I want to ask to forgive me,
Where and when I am fallen,
I want to rewind me to reinvent
Die over and over again

What I did and had in past
Haunts me when I think ahead
I find dark home with
No bit of light even in Pooja room

Today when the whole home
Is bright and lighted, I am lost
Lost in deep dark thoughts
Haunting me in black dark

I am not worthy of a bright day
No Divine power to bless
Death is dark and deep fall
it is bright thoughts that died

I lost my thoughts in haunt
Once I thought I was ending


21. Nature to Showpiece