Saturday, September 24, 2016

Thoughts Haunts -----160923-----

Thoughts Haunts

I lost my thoughts
Once I thought I was ending

Every day sleeping in dark room
I never thought of next day
darkness filled the home
Pooja room lit by the oil lamp

Drizzling sounds of music rain
pushed my thoughts out and wet
my ears filled in soundless ends
eyes in tears when haunted

I am pushed harder all alone
screaming for a catch in water
October second - a day of
Silent Carmic man's memorial

I whispered myself many a times
When I lost my catch 'I am alone'
Many were around all the time
But none heard my murmur

All always got away with work
I am left alone with regrets
What I lost was my thoughts
Once I thought I was ending

I want to ask to forgive me,
Where and when I am fallen,
I want to rewind me to invent
Die over and over again

What I did and had in past
Haunts me when I think ahead
I find dark home with no bit
Of light even in pooja room

Today when the whole home
Is bright and lighted I am lost
Lost in deep dark thoughts
Haunting me in black dark

I am not worthy of a bright day
No Devine power to bless
Death is dark and deep fall
it is bright thoughts that died

I lost my thoughts in haunt
Once I thought I was ending

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Nature to Showpiece -------160915------

Nature to Showpiece

On the blue sky paper
From the color pallet sun
God - the great artist - drew
Rainbow in seven colors

Instantly drawing to erase
Again redrawing different
No stability nor repetition
Highly creative and smart
Not always that smooth
Chaotic and uneven
That made it beautiful
Nothing is to make sense
It is all experiments of God

Moon gave an authority stamp
On the work of love at night
The barred trees as frame
The beach of sand in front
Mountains on the far end
Beautiful girl on the shore
Evening pitch of boy walked
Along with father in brisk

All that was fetched by you
In a drawing at times
On a click caught by you
All in frame shut inside
Hanging as a showpiece !!
Resembling your closed life
Which God created bright
To be free in nature - lost !!
Tight rules and stable life
Upset on Chaos - Not cute
Instead of simple too  conscious
No experience of new path
All preset social justice !!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

16 verses on life ----160909-----

16 verses on life

Incidental - unwanted got birth
Sigh of mother in womb gave life
Feel of right was my first birth cry
Affection poured around as baby

The me is what I learned from father
World got opened through teachers
Relations and trips were experiencing
I enjoyed in value and earnings

My job - salary was private livelihood
Created family to add my life choicest
Binding faith transferred into learnings
Back to village was to lead social life

Know Body-emotional-intellect depth
When Merging into societal acceptance
On rail of faith as in father's clutch; move
Unknowingly learning God; be Spiritual


Life Story -Only Till it Ends. ---- 160909-----

Life Story -Only Till it Ends
----- 160909------

You took birth crying
In living you have to
Eat, laugh, play, chat, draw, read, write
Be with many
Grow rich
Make family
Know Socially
Learn and teach
Be simple, create troubles
Bow to higher
Get recognised
Pride and polite
Failure and success
Enjoy spirit and fun
Grow bright and spiritual
Create a enlightened life
Till the life ends
Stylishly lays buried
U leave making all to cry