Thursday, November 10, 2016

Others tears roll on my lips --------- 161110 --------

Others tears roll on my lips
---------  161110 ----------

Travel start on call from people I know
end in a tearful kids, called me ABO
Many tears escaped from my eyes
Filled feelings in paper to reach me

Somehow I know many, keeps contact
My world is a small village of learners
When one Burns Fire in stomach alone
Beyond control want to empty in void

Many have a bigger world than mine
But has a great heart beating tears
Many need to sail from sadness pain
Loneliness causes tear filled nights

North-East days taught me pain of one
Months of chilled loneliness in tears
Waiting for home lift craves in vain
Tears fall down in eyes to be hidden

Waited for someone would comfort
Uncomfort tears in eyes never stoped
Life in reading and drawing spirit left
Prayed for hand of help years waited

Seen the beautiful rainbow in west
World could be never so geometric
Systematic government or god's plan
spreading its wings in east I dreamt

I reached highs and waited watched
Fall of eyes down in sorrow every year
Allowed others tears roll on my lips
Hearing my poems opened to me

Goodbye never said to North-East
There is no in between next visit
That thought comes as brain empty
Though Heart pounding into poems

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Want of Care ---161027

Want of Care

Dear be careful with your heart.
Don't let it out to any to break apart.
Share it to none as when you get it
It would be back in bits and pieces

'Swayamaathma nibhandanam sukham'
Says the saying as it says be in-self
Feel warm in self don't shiver for love
Be alone in-noticed in shadow don't care

Stayed strong on the ground rooted
None could scrap me off and kick down
No care if you throw anything to hurt me
Call me stupid and scold, I don't care

No fear of failure, I know the world around
Cruel and greedy care none,  busy selves

I am alive with me inside alone in cold dark
It is young screw up relations in bad state

The old fell from chair and pair took care
Heard, one said be careful, he recognised

Busy earning around, never knew why ?Wish someone care, bad shouldn't happen

Someone is essential, cook and feed
Care and love or control and guide
Care is more of worries and pain
Heart burns and feel they did it to you

Suffering and disappointment is end
When care is just unseen and took
Careless and bring you down shaking
Dreams and love on the loved ones

Fights and pretend showed care
No matter, hurt is love and care
Someone around always caring
Leaving no time for self, over-care

At the end of all it is old me alone
None around will care, who cares
-.-.-.-.-.- .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-               +919447437948

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

My old age at Abandoned Jnaanam ----- 161026

My old age at Abandoned Jnaanam
-----  -------    161026 ------  -----

Let me tell my forgotten stories of troubles
Comfort was never ever my cup of tea
I loved troubles and took scene out to Watch sitting beside the window shield

Darkness embracing my sorrow childhood
Belly of darkness was the tiny small rooms
Black flowers collected drops of dew
Its petals lightened moonlight reflected

Not a road, pathway just fit for one ended
At my home gate and deep inside no trace
No houses beside nor far in sight away
Struck aloof as life too saintly undesired

Inside my heart suffering that I enjoyed
Made me Not to appreciate another’s
Are we created not to care any around ?
Face of nature so coldly ruthless I felt

I voluntarily indoctrinated at Jnaanam
Due to desperate need to be with bright
Lot of students and professionals always
Kept an illusion of purpose that was false

Celebrate the unconferencing diversity
Sense to make sense of senselessness
Everyone dream and aspire; I had nill
Taught what is love or this way is better

Truthful than anyone else understands
Depicted spirit and love of learning
Can guilt LIFE in Enjoyment for long
Identified humanity is sharing learning

Kept cultural - social - political - religious
Stay away differences for being social
Reflected the notable unity in diversity
Lost now in the dark of aloof unwanted

Learned if not institutionalised
If not created belt of identity tag
I like anyone will be abandoned after
LIFE mentor help you to cross trouble
.......               +919447437948

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Ram Ram in Fiery Fiji -------161016------

Ram Ram in Fiery Fiji

BULA in Itaukei welcome in Nadi
di is NDI and thus Nadi is Nandi
Ram Ram in Fiery Fiji

BULA in Itaukei welcome in Nadi
di is NDI and thus Nadi is Nandi
I saluted the bullock of the Shiva
Then for RAMA on Siva at Suva

Sand beneath my feet off shore
At the end of Indian Ocean
Finally I am here in Fiji Conference
warmth inactive and emptyness

cold nor hot neither drizzle
I looked into the blue sky
palm trees decorated the pave
leaves swaying softly in breeze.

My most favourite hibiscus 🌺
BULA shirts over SULU
gave the variety colorfull
dry dark stem in black soil

I saw the Fijians, Guyana, Penang
Canberra and Auckland, Muricious
Core hindi group of Thulsi Das
An odd me and the Archie Rao

Satwik food supplied, only had
lost chance of spicy Fijian food
My kerala attire was a change
Taste on tea too remained stable

Beautifully bloomed flowers
Dance in glee ramleela is left
beauty and wonder of Fiji too
warmest comfort Under hot sun

Solitude I stayed in island Fiji
heart filled storms unstopped
through the sea storms stayed
dreamed sublime Sita alone

No city noise still unending joys
alone young in heart dust I slept
inside soul solo blanket shielded
hesitation lonely road silent walk

I shall return for now, I must travel
Across tranquil sea long enjoyed
I softly kiss Fiji as it has origin Girmit
Had fiery days on British and self

scenery - Architecture BULA
BULA from lovely people
As I wished Ram Ram
It is to return again one day

An odd me =. Only me who is from south India . Rao too had his office activity in Delhi . All others from UP / Varanasi / Delhi / Mumbai and all on ThusliDas and Ramleela

Archie = man who is from Archeology

BULA = welcome
Nadi = International Airport
Gurmit = Indians brought to Fiji by British Force in early nineteen nineties on agreement
Suva = Capital city where conferenced RAMA
SULU = dress that is commonly used here

Taste on tea too remained stable = I prefer tea, here all love coffee or masala tea
---------------------------               +919447437948 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Thoughts Haunts -----160923-----

Thoughts Haunts

I lost my thoughts
Once I thought I was ending

Every day sleeping in dark room
I never thought of next day
darkness filled the home
Pooja room lit by the oil lamp

Drizzling sounds of music rain
pushed my thoughts out and wet
my ears filled in soundless ends
eyes in tears when haunted

I am pushed harder all alone
screaming for a catch in water
October second - a day of
Silent Carmic man's memorial

I whispered myself many a times
When I lost my catch 'I am alone'
Many were around all the time
But none heard my murmur

All always got away with work
I am left alone with regrets
What I lost was my thoughts
Once I thought I was ending

I want to ask to forgive me,
Where and when I am fallen,
I want to rewind me to invent
Die over and over again

What I did and had in past
Haunts me when I think ahead
I find dark home with no bit
Of light even in pooja room

Today when the whole home
Is bright and lighted I am lost
Lost in deep dark thoughts
Haunting me in black dark

I am not worthy of a bright day
No Devine power to bless
Death is dark and deep fall
it is bright thoughts that died

I lost my thoughts in haunt
Once I thought I was ending

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Nature to Showpiece -------160915------

Nature to Showpiece

On the blue sky paper
From the color pallet sun
God - the great artist - drew
Rainbow in seven colors

Instantly drawing to erase
Again redrawing different
No stability nor repetition
Highly creative and smart
Not always that smooth
Chaotic and uneven
That made it beautiful
Nothing is to make sense
It is all experiments of God

Moon gave an authority stamp
On the work of love at night
The barred trees as frame
The beach of sand in front
Mountains on the far end
Beautiful girl on the shore
Evening pitch of boy walked
Along with father in brisk

All that was fetched by you
In a drawing at times
On a click caught by you
All in frame shut inside
Hanging as a showpiece !!
Resembling your closed life
Which God created bright
To be free in nature - lost !!
Tight rules and stable life
Upset on Chaos - Not cute
Instead of simple too  conscious
No experience of new path
All preset social justice !!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

16 verses on life ----160909-----

16 verses on life

Incidental - unwanted got birth
Sigh of mother in womb gave life
Feel of right was my first birth cry
Affection poured around as baby

The me is what I learned from father
World got opened through teachers
Relations and trips were experiencing
I enjoyed in value and earnings

My job - salary was private livelihood
Created family to add my life choicest
Binding faith transferred into learnings
Back to village was to lead social life

Know Body-emotional-intellect depth
When Merging into societal acceptance
On rail of faith as in father's clutch; move
Unknowingly learning God; be Spiritual


Life Story -Only Till it Ends. ---- 160909-----

Life Story -Only Till it Ends
----- 160909------

You took birth crying
In living you have to
Eat, laugh, play, chat, draw, read, write
Be with many
Grow rich
Make family
Know Socially
Learn and teach
Be simple, create troubles
Bow to higher
Get recognised
Pride and polite
Failure and success
Enjoy spirit and fun
Grow bright and spiritual
Create a enlightened life
Till the life ends
Stylishly lays buried
U leave making all to cry



Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Love to Live - East or West 160625

Love to Live - East or West

Go to west to love east
Is it that u have to miss to love
Can't you gain and give
Love to live and live to love
Love, to supersede hatred
Be strong to resist weaknesses
Get inspiration, to lighten inner-mind
Be in self - attain the spirit
No east or west - all are relative
West is East to East at East

Learn to win over ignorance,
Live in dignity, wisdom and bliss
Truth alone survive
Health only is wealth,
Peace and love in heart
Smile like breath, unstoppable
Create self leadership
Close to best attitude
Live to care, share, love - all

Understand the misunderstanding,
Correct and proceed in positive
Forgive and don't fight and waste time
Don't loose humanity

Stop not; till achieve
Don't ever give-up
Give hand and don't ask
When u give
They too offer
To shake hands

Fun and joy filled life is to keep
Laziness out and being spiritual

Yesterday is past and pass it not
Today is for action and make it work
Tomorrow is always indecisive
Don't worry about the future
Live for the day
as you are ready to die Any moment
not waiting for a day ahead
Life is to live, love to live




Misunderstanding 160624



Mathew sir told me
I came to meet you
Thinking you as Fr.
His priest in church

But we parted being good
Good old friendship refreshed

Fame is clearly a total of
Misunderstanding that can
Gather around a new name
I got many such names

Before you start life
A part of you will die
I added friends
Killed my ego
By being what and how
They wanted me

Physical misunderstanding
Creates emotional togetherness
As u reflect a known close associate
Emotional misunderstanding
Creates physical hatred
You want to move apart physically

But, the other day
A known face
Thought so familiar
Had an argument
So much against each other
Fully filled misunderstanding

Start putting thoughts
Into words and sentences
Everything gets distorted,
Language is just not good enough
I use it because I have to,
But, I don’t put any trust in it.
Never understand each other.

Devil past haunt us,
On pains of mistakes
Tender moments of soul
Mostly forgotten on hate
This is the irony of love.

Between Love and Hate
Lies confusion, misunderstanding
Desperate hope keeps it close to love
The mood makes it close to hate

Let words go of what could have
How you should have said matters
You wish many a times in distress
You would have said differently

Truth you will understand
Upon forgiveness on others
This is the point you will be free
Free of tension of miss-tooks

Best and worst times of life coincides
Talent of the soul discovers joy in pain
Thinking of moments you long for,
You know you’ll never have them again

Wise communication is not hearing
What being said; but what not
Read between the lines to learn
What not said and why being wise.

We make our islands
Shout each other
Across seas of big

Regret is missing your only good friend
Someone exactly like you who reflect
Else love is really a stupid big mistake
Don’t be so hard when it don’t turn good

One person who loved deeply
Being sensitive showed it open
Worth knowing hurting is not
Showing who really you ar
Real love show many faces as it takes
Show all faces in moods to prove
That person wanted you in life
In hidden willful blindness
Fully misunderstood they stay
Two tongues in mouths not saying
Four eyes staring at different places
Two hearts in cement lost its beats

SNGuru told that untold love is lost

Unshown  love will gather fungus



Waiting 160501


Alone i waited Folding hands
No care for the hot sun out
In was chilled my cool self
usual crowded around gate

In haste, no delay i came
Longing the right first sight

Unblinked eyes all to gate
It swing open and closed

Black - long - fat - slim - all came
Waited in eager the pace amid

Who shall know my face and see
All I see one by on out
This side a group waiting
I shall see her, but locate me

sleep, sleepless
awake, smart and
Day by night passed
Waiting - seeking mom

What  if I stand alone?
Stay beside the son
She will quickly glare
The smart boy

I wait with joy coming pair of eyes
A heart behind it that waved
garner-up its fruit as tears
Happy occassion of end of wait

Spiritual - Infant face 160430

Spiritual - Infant face

Sleep Bright sadless
Sleep Beauty joyful
Dream not
sit and weep not

pretty infant face
After a sleep is cute
little heart too sleeps
steal the morning Smile

My dreadful night
cheek and eye trumbled
youthful thoughts in sleep
Heaven on Earth, i dream

Body of any-body,
flesh or no-flesh
fugitive thoughts
blind and bitter life
ferry to burial mystery

I wish to be a child
with no other wish
Holy face traced heart
Mothers love reflect

Truly unselfish sleep
Thoughts joined sleep
Refractive thoughts
Waited for estuary
Into deep sleep of sea

Take and receive
Consume and engulf
Gulped over again
My huge cave belly
Filled my huger waves
Left no Breath space

blood and heart beat
Felt valves expansion
Rival thoughts i sat
driving for and forth
My boy remorseful
betrayal of harsh life

I want no Sweet dreams
shade of a meditation
Like a lovely infant sleep
silent under moony beam !!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Silent love of life

 ----Silent love of life----

Dont make sound
I love silence
Soft rain at Jnaanam
Gentle breeze
Sweet refrain from hustle
Soundless world
Love voiced around
Shined smile sparks
Gazing eye looks
Tender sighs
Place to share love
In silence I heard
Beat of my heart
Few tears dropped
Sound of love
No words I spoke
Words of love I wrote
It was sharp and clear
No fear in love
Sound in my ears
Bird chirps alone
I filtered it out
For a human word
It is finally here
That tender voice
My mother's lullaby
Sweet sound-less
Soundless love
Drum-beat by rain
Rustle music of trees
Birds chirp in rhythm
Sweet symphony love

Divine Jnaanam
Spiritual unconference
Silence of wisdom
Dream the peaks
Speak your love of life

160429 at Muscat

Realized Unpredictable Death

Realized Unpredictable Death
----------- /// 160330 /// ------------

I loved predicting and trained too
Depth of deep water, tree heights
Pages in books, distances around
Weight and age of people and all
Loved and taught logic and maths
Predicted depth of love at times
Reflected unpredictable and lost
Anyone could be wrong in life too
Lost is to be regained, I counselled
A step back is good to move ahead
Always my trial and effort worked
All loved me for my sure sharp shots
I love me to be unpredictable
All around me tells "they know
what I will do now and next"
I want them wrong - just to win
But I fails - as I am what I am
In cheer they said "we know you"
"You are committed not to fail in
Promise and presence always"
"I believe you - you keep promise"
Unpredictable is beautiful
Unpredictable is thrilling
Unpredictable is love life
Unpredictable creates story
Unpredictable is heartbeat
- when one takes forbidden path
- Life is on roads many not taken
One way tickets are rare for me
Unpredictable date of return
Where I shall land back
Always are planned in time
This time I forced being one way
Sensation uncontrolled in life
I sat alone on books on death
Here I learned life is unpredictable
As thoughts on death entered in life
Life is still in silence and saddened
Loneliness and memories in life
Casted shadow on strict past life
Now tears fall through lost love
Promise and commitment lost
Unpredictability death took life
Nights made deep darkness
Predicted that day won't come
Predictable is no infinite tears
All will leave to memories soon
Struggles in life faded thoughts
My predictions on my death date
Faced me in darkened death fear
Predicting my death was blunder
Felt them lucky as they have gone
Faced brave sudden death past
I wish and love to have my dears
Say the same on me "poor one"
"Left unpredictable at last in death"
"I loved you a lot and now I am
saddened - unpredictable he left"
"He grew well fast at verge of life
Left unpredictable in his peak"
I lost in unpredictable life span
I am hearing the sound of death
Footsteps though near had no clue
As unpredictable is just-in sound

Needy and Greedy Being

Needy and Greedy Being
---------// 160327 //---------

Night about to sleep,
Thought of what i need
I want all for a lifetime,
I love that ways of feel,
I want you to know me
My Cool calm emtyness
In rains I kept me dry
In summer I love wet
Want to be happy on cry
I am lost felt for a lead
Wept to wipe the tears
All I needed is just away
I am mad and lost calm
Wants to smile on fun
Faith kept heart not to bleed
Hope helped me to cope
heal in time I need someone
I loaf into meditative thee
Greed is being Jealousy
Greed is envy and selfish
Greed makes you sad
Be happy as need is filled
Just now is a nice moment
All that is good around
Every moment is do so
Love the art created today
Remain even after thee
Creative remains of me
Social media ripped a few
I got kindness from few far
I made my groups and clubs
Evolved ideas and plans
All filled endless needs
Netsangs fed my greed
Humanity is insane they said
Never ever satisfied on needs
Want more of theres and yours
Just to be together to share
When I am with you all is ours
Nothing is mine and yours
Feeling of oneness and fulfilment
I am richer powerful famous
All that you have is mine
As you are fully belongs to me
I took it by force when I need
Felt it is my right and is mine
You must have it as mine
I must have it as mine
My thirst is ever endless
Call it greed or need
I need a life over my greed
Want to share and care all
This is neither greed or need
This is just being together

Women NOT to be understood

Women NOT to be understood
------  // 160308 // ---------

Women is to be loved
Never to be understood
Never try to understand
First understand this !!
Woman who believes
Self recognized worth
shoulder to shoulder
palm in palm
word for word
Equal seat with men
I read my back,
the undone days
Waiting at her home
In charge my soul
Holding my boy
strong in hand
Learned Kung Fu
Strong feminine
Bold woman of now
Cyber virus sexy songs
down the gap in breasts
Dangling the black goggle
Grimming lips hiding fear
disorganized vanity
Pepper spray in tact
woman today in you
Glaze on mirror
Care adorable beauty
weded to God
No share half for man
Walking in smile childly
Work took gazing queenly
Business on Sensex serious
passion unseemly youth
Logically truthful flow
Learning fully bright
humble the humble
proud made as noble
daughters as prouder
Men around stronger
girls little as princely
competence as flag
On the otherside
I see the mom hanging
Craddle on tree branch
One on lap and the
Other playing around
Food beside on fire-oven
Life is to be managed
Bowing before vassals
sweeps the doorways;
All with a aim that
My child be best as
priest or queen ahead
Diorama daughter,
proud and noble
crimson carpet walk
breathing perfumed air
kingly look on princely eye
I the poor poet, for me
she walked high above,
appeared abase to me
lovely angel murmur
Silky clad in wings!
too tender, or and
too cruel
Never to be Understood
Not try to understand


No excuse in life

No excuse in life

No excuse
You can do it
As we have examples -
of people who did it
make it to count on success
Rest not on your excuse
Try it many times
Don’t ever give up
It is not hard work
It is to be smarter
Think of
Michael Faraday
Nelson Mandela
Abraham Lincoln
Ellen Sirleaf Johnson
Florence Nightingale
Newton and Shakespeare
No excuse for youk
Why not and how not
No trials - you can
Do it - Dont try
Take my heart
differs us from one to other
Each of us come from
Same factory - mother
A soul of joy
mar with glory
Good enough
makes our lives more tough
Nothing called destiny
Nor fate to blame

Great men are all ordinary men
they do many fail out of all
Hardships and storms do hit us
Give but never give up
Work - toil the day and night
Glory will glare on you
walk an extra mile
Your legs will support you
Keep faith be truthful
greatness is your pat.
No excuse 

Birth Day Gift

 Birth Day Gift

You are so wonderful that
You deserve all the best
that your life has to give
that from all around you
I hope today and all days
Be filled with happiness
and dreams come true
every step of the way.
I wish you a Birthday
far better than the rest
as you deserves special
Fill full of love to learn
When I think of wishing
many things come to mind.
heart filled in care to chase
that fills smiles with fun
Have your best fun filled
Birthday with all dears
Quiz or talk to share time
No matter what you do!
Celebrate everywhere you go
That giant cake you sliced
be the moments for Health
Youth in pleasure in group
Many add years to life
And you add life to years
all your win as you reflect
Be on the blessings of god
Life well spend for all around
Creative and inspiring in act
Glow in thought and heart
Have stars in sky to see
No Pain- no gain the say
Let you be a winner despite
Without Trouble and tire
Sparked in glory and bliss.

The Teacher Mentor - Me ?

The Teacher Mentor - Me ?
     ------   151223 ------

Long back, when we met
When you were just a kid
You treated me as professor
You were a nirmal student
You made me your friend
Turned me your philosopher
Now, when you say that
I mean the world to you
It realy means a lot for me
As you are not a kid for me
You grew along to set as self
Ocer turned all small focuses
Remember days i was tough
made you to cry for long
Times were tough for me
'It's okay, I am with you.' You said
It is soothening and better
Nice to hear from you always
'You made me as I am today'
You coped well your Pappa
My first steps of JNAANAM
Remembering made by you
Gratefulness is not a word
On lovely website you did
I wanted you to grow high
chase dreams along side
A parental feel in mentoring
Not a proud professor ever

Edutrain Movie

Edutrain Movie
----- 151214 -----

Light and shadow
Black and white
Changes in color
Made the movies
Faces in action
Made drama
More advanced
Movie in action
I taught my wards
Movie is not to
Watch or see
'Movie is to learn'
Today when i see
Most of the movies
That you all watch
I say 'stop it fully'
Creative one to learn
Innovative thoughts in
Spiritual linked thought
Infotrainment it is
I wish to see all EMM
(Educational - Multi-Media)
On at least some TVs
That is to teach kids
All that they are to learn

+919447437948 / 9502038875

Life Travel

Life Travel 
---- 151222 ---

I traveled wild and wideThat Gave me a travel lifeMy journey turned as travelThat made my life livelyWinter to summer the lifeWet in swet in rainy daysLife the same pace on roadThe travel changed thrillGift of furtune marked lifeCreative i remained alwaysI dont want and wanted anyAlwys flowing oni its slopeYes at times like the woodFallen across - stuck the flowI shall wait to fill and over-flowShall try all sides or up-downI seek time to fill it fullEnjoy the whitness in pearlMilky flow that enchants I learned that fall is thrillingI swept the ways that i wentCleaned and served all aroundQuenched the thirst of manyTook many named as i flewMy travel is without identityNever aspire nor trsted pathCreated lively life travel slopeSoft and swift - path took it

          -----  &&  -----