Wednesday, July 12, 2017

God must save the Gods

Today morning I had been to temples
Many small and big
Ganesa the common one everywhere
- With father Siva 
- With brother Karthikeyan
- With Devi the mom
- With Bharatha the cousin?
 everywhere he had a place.

At some temples there were
Unknown - not so well known 
One like Hidumbhan too

That is all okay
Known or unknown
Visitors do meet 
Do one meet or see

I do converse 
I heard their voice

Siva was fed well
Maybe this is his season
The assistant at Temple told me - you too can have coffee
Poor are the others around 
Gods not so fed (naivediyam)
On a holiday they  are over-fed
God knows working days are at times - kept to starve !!

The well-known temple
Devaswam administrator should know the count
Orders hanged
"Don't offer without receipts"
Not direct or to the priest
Only pay at office

God too have to be reached
Through proper channel !!

"Photography on payments only"
I can have a selfie with God?

I too heard gods too have an ego !

Gods' stories of fight and ego 
Heard many in my childhood
Cool or upset
Settled or not
Had they had fights?
So they are too silly

One is fed well
People do pay more!
Priest is sitting beside
Lamps lighted fully
Colorful dress and flowers
A few kept abandoned!

Silly could be me 
Thoughts haunted 
Why people do care a few
Cared one and at times lost
Lost is the pride 
Lost is the care

May God save the Gods!


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