Sunday, December 13, 2015

Books - Doors to World

Books - Doors to World
----------- 151211 -----------

I read books - it is an inexpensive
Travel, class, relation, life learning

I love reading books and more so
Love them in variety in my shelf

Dream is to keep a reference library
Books in wall-less partition shelves

plenty of books like google space
Know my tool though not that soft

No schools may create love to books
Life merged in books turns it schools

Blind is one with no love for books
Love for books makes them blind
A real book is enough to open eyes
Learning is Live In Fully Enlightened

               ---------- && ---------

I am less a Metro Polit

I am less a Metro Polit
----------  151210 ----------

In cities and not just in towns
I shifted long back to live bright
I had anxiety as landed, now on drive
on rail platform or air terminal

Early in village had loved people
Business chest in metro has all
Only Uniformed Polit smily face
Has no politeness not love around

Has seen my friends and students
Drive in cab, pay in card, film or eat
with no handy transaction just in e-
Meet none known or unknown too

All sir or madam by call with no feel
Against mother - brother - sister call
Cities are build of busy of business
No cool time for breathe opportunity

In metro no one asks price money
They pay as is femanded in shops
Dream of desire shifts swift in metro
Seen all that is around moves fast

I stayed in metro for half my life
But has not become metronomic
As my blood is still not polit
That is rooted in remote village
I love not town nor city but pure
Sarine village and JNAANAM in

       --------------  xxxx  -------------

Artists Stay Young

 Artists Stay Young
------- 151209 -------

Art-work could keep one busy
Impressive Poetry of The Heart
Someone comes knowing you
To serve you and to share thoughts

When I locked my eyes on the art
I never knew it locks very look
The art affects your life and state
It makes mark in the artist's heart

Lasting painful unfair relations
Reflecting reality uncovered life
Need a strong heart of reasoning
Injured love ends in stupididity

Small and unended tests are life
No straight roads in valley woods
Wait for the flow, till it fills success
Downfalls are great, cute experience

Life is a river and flexible tree
Forgive Someone who hurts you
They taught you value of trust
Reflect only in love and not in hate

Talk only when one listen to you
Dont ever make to speak same
Reflecting on old thoughts to people That you make it as an art - silently

Fall in love with art that you enjoy
Art that makes you free, set to fly
That breaks your monotonous life
Hold your head up in dignity pride

Make your life that you wish
Create no regrets as you get gray
Your art always can stay young
Smart work keeps artist young


My Gray Hair

My Gray Hair
---- 151208 ---

A day in between black hairs
A silvery thread was noticed
That line was a wondering gift
Read maturity in wisdom life

Silvery lines a bit more in page
Like soft kisses of time in life
I enjoyed the beauty youth
Seen evening beauty of life

Now these old stories are old
Changeless days of lonliness
Last petal of once blossomed
Beauty flower is waiting death

I wish days are only dreams
Real days yet to come bright
Wish the ending stream starts
A wider river ahead is in bliss

Gray lines in full is snow white
Giving message of past days
Waiting future hope - rosy greets
Unknown gift - forceful hands



------- '151201' ---------

Dream in Day
Dream in late night
Sleep bright
Sleep crossing midnight

Baby you had sweet face
Baby i traced high desire
Your joy of miles of walk
Little pretty miles to go

cunning you slept not
Heart creeped learning
Dread of exam broke you not
Heart filled desire for hights

Harvested youth in you
In your eyes and cheek
Your friends left yoh alone
You found your heaven self

Foods and films
Books and games
Meditated late nights
Keeping sleep away

Found your smartness
Keeping safe away alone
Late at night for being self
slept too little in early day

Hope life ahead creative
Innovative smarty you
Make you sweet asset
Rich enough in live-time


Abbatial Fall

Abbatial Fall

None other than you
Cried on my chest on a first visit
A graceful surrender
Swiftly breaking silence

Were deeply looking in my eyes
You listened every bit of my words
I deliberately avoided looking at you
Though felt you focused elsewhere

Was it in pain or gain
Distress or satisfaction
Seeing a ray of hope
Against the self passion

Your deaf-ears brisked my lips
Physically when u hugged me
Listless messages passed upon
Manas potential high to low

Reckless ocean got calm
on shallow shore it wept
Were you in beveled wait
Abbatial fall in bliss ecstasy

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Need Giver - Not Taker :: Always Beside

Need Giver - Not Taker :: Always Beside
I locked my dreams and actions
In my doomed thoughts and laziness
I have everyone to feel I have none
I want all to feel I am with them
I wanted me to shut in my own self
Inside my mind and heart locked in
At times I love to leave me like this
As i know I am enjoying being myself
Practical world demanded life
Reality blocked normal casual life
Solitude was to say life is okay
Against reservations I acted smart
Breathless was life when I said
'I am enjoying'; I was lying blend
I wish someone to hold my hands
Realizing that life is not so good
Though lazy; my thoughts are dazy
Burning my thoughts; always crazy
I am out; only on the feel; I am behind
Left far behind in life unsafe-unheard
Protected love costing themselves
Neither the lover nor you is happy
You will be left behind alone unloved
Love is not costlier than lovers ever
We need givers beside us always
We see only takers around mostly
Dont walk away from life; I need you
Race me and damage me if u need

I wish I write No Poems

I wish I write No Poems

Gandhari asked for sadness
To meet Lord Krishna in grief
Likewise may be I need lifeless
Dark cloudy mood for poems

Life is a mask that hides me
Consumes me; eats away
My life is an unending fear
Swallowing my spare time
Hide self in mood at times
Tears, I know; will rain out

Journey of restless struggles
stays the manas active smart
Alone when no activity around
Manas swirls-swells with poems
Manas is the darkest deepest
Place to hide and get lost into
psychological blows brings out
To creep up nice poems of grief

Subconscious manas draw hell
Past karma - lost effort blames

I wish and write LIFE is enjoying

I wish wonder days ahead
To take my mask off

Impossible task is to show light
On these poems; I shall wait long

I see someone who promises 
Saying your poem is good

Calling some one bright 
It is not to say self is stupid

When you call the other cute
It doesn’t mean that you are ugly

Some ones is in depression
Doesn’t make you in bliss

I shall wait; wonder a near day, 
I may be able to get out of mask

I love Rainbow poems; though 
I write only poems with dark cloud
Only when it is moody and dark
No shine sparks poems in me

I shall fill my day celebrating
cheerful around; no more poem

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Deserve and Reserve -------(((150830)))-------

Deserve and Reserve

Softening anger deserves pain
Poetry flows without reservation
Rhyming feels through minds
Innovation is beyond invention
Breathe demands air
More deserving lungs
Tightly I bind myself
Meditative slow breath
Flows life without reservation
Towards a deserving death
It is time to reflect on desire
Dream to Goal into Action
You got trapped in me without a key
Learning to learn through my heart
You loved pretending going away
Wishing and wanting to hold close
Motivated youth against deserving
Pouring hard work towards achieving
I have no reservation in pouring love
Those who deserve to get reflected

Lost you forever ((((--150820--))))

Lost you forever

Life has to move

All the usual ways
Pain fly over head
Unexplainable thoughts
Beside me he was alive
But today remains dead
Well dead - how to console
In my heart and thoughts
I pretended as if no feelings
Not much to give and take
Days that were disturbing
Sheltered together at Jnaanam
Desire and dreams built around
Sure known can't take life along
Returning to the parking
Fly to the nest with pair
Felt lost but had a hope
A day again back in den
Beside me you lived always
When you said 'I am with you'
Now when you remain dead
No remain; and feeling lost
I feel lost being alone with all around
Over my peg of whiskey and rest after
Had no feeling of meeting you that day
Now lost you forever; want you ever


Death to Memory -----(((150819)))----

Death to Memory

View blinked down as lost vision

Center of eye too had insane look

Closed or open - eye seen unmoved
Teeth grinning silent without feelings
Breathing was unaware of lungs
Quickly left control on medical kit
No haste said doctors; expressionless
Waited for the respiration to stop
Slept in between death and life
Story of life; kid to old age in thoughts
Glimpses of love and loss slashed
Smiled away memories around
Untiringly steps in death
Lightly flew-out feathery the life
Time to give off everything
There was a deep loss instantly
Lost on the way for the left ones
Affectionate wept and slept
Words of condolence dripped off
WhatsApp and FB messages flooded
Newspaper carried a small column
Scratch-less stayed on the next day
Cremation rituals spread its sheets
White wall memory on dark death
It is when together or alone for dears
Absence makes the memory live
What keeps stuck is the love shreds
Definite is death and indefinite is love

Cherishable Moments in Oldage ------------------(150818)-----------------

Cherishable Moments in Old-age


If we could cherish those incidents
Grab the moments from past days
Keep them live in the life ahead
not to cry over with reasoning
Practical and theoretical are not life
It is moments of feelings and love
Hard to hold on it for long though
Could cherish over it over again
Events of moments stay live always
Shaded memories too brush alive
Always not in finger tips or lips
But the feelings behind the love
Can't think or talk on matters of life
But can cherish and smile within
Moments that happened brings life
Realizes glimpse of them to cherish
Steal life from boring living days
That keeps selfish memories alive
Cherish of moments against worries
That is the credit in days of old-age


RAIN AT JNAANAM --------(150813)----------


Jnaanam is not the dwelling around
It is all within the inmate's manas
The rain that dropped had a rhythm
Voice of rain drummed my thoughts
Night had the dance of rain in silence
I know rain only knows what I need
Watching the leaves dancing on beat
Rain gave a calmness in heart beat
Thirsty plants got filled its soil in rain
Love refreshed soul; soil is as my soul
We took bath in cold rain outside
Like diamond from sky rain dropped
Touching skin it rolled out magical
Rolled feelings in my heart called
Arms open wide collecting drops,
Shook it out to see it jets away
Drum beats feel added to rain sound
Rhythm of life made it musical love
I admire and adore rain;
My soul want it; to live ahead
I feel to live longer; refreshing
In this soil; that quench my soul

Dream Portfolio --- 150806 ---

Dream Portfolio

Dream Portfolio

Kingdom is my body
My rule are my brain
Success is my manas
Acceptance is my pain
salvation from senses
Invaded other kingdom
Celebrated success
Justified my rules on you
You the trapped kingdom
Justified my success
You accept the joined rules
Celebrate the surrender
You maintained the boundaries
Curves and edges of my kingdom
Until the people around agree
Unbrush to face the portrait
Prayers of the subjects
Indriyas in queue loved
Unscrap the canvas alone
New subjects appeared in paint
My lost brush and paint
Encroached some land
I stood confused unfinished
Heartfelt portrait on canvas
Now the painter went back
Unable to paint in lost manas
Provoked on the invade
Kept the self portrait painted
Paint faded before it ended
Brush dropped and sat aside
Left the canvas unfinished
Finally indicated the lost subject
Overcrowded subjects and kingdoms
Lost my Destination for something
Likewise most people were in fix
Looked for experienced team around
When all lost and found helpless
Created a great dream portfolio


Ĺive In Fully Etternal ---------150806----------

Live In Fully Eternal

Harsh winter
Strange Spring
Wetting Summer
All the ways worst
sky shows sign of death,
I waited for one season to go
As the next one reached I prayed same
Made not my mood up
Either the frost or the dew
No flower remind me in smile
No silence nor songs made my day
Mother taught me
Keep the mood still
When the season changes
Say yourself "it all doesn’t matter"
My guru taught me
It is all in your manas (mood)
Violence to silence is samadhi
Eight steps in ashtanga yoga
It is all the way you train self
Love or hate
Too late or early
Wake up a new day
To say does this matter
Don’t get into the details
Look from far and feel cool
Unpredictable is the span of life
All that arises and dims thus is fake
Change your life with mood
Mood that brightens the moment
Bliss is wiser and smooth
LIFE is Live In Fully Eternal


Flower Petels - Flower Petels ---- ((150803)) ---

Flower Petals - Flower Petals

God made the flowers glow
Against the green pansies
all well coloured in bright
Sunshine strengthen glow
Wind and rainfall kept the bud
Waited for the sun to bloom
Stayed strong a day in fragrance
Freshens up the thoughts of all
The deep dark blooms the white
Only contrast that made it live
Perfumed the world around
Blissful they stay though short
Petals each are not fully leaf
Modified brightly coloured leaves
Corolla that fills flower dreams
Soft yet facing short hardships