Thursday, September 3, 2015

Dream Portfolio --- 150806 ---

Dream Portfolio

Dream Portfolio

Kingdom is my body
My rule are my brain
Success is my manas
Acceptance is my pain
salvation from senses
Invaded other kingdom
Celebrated success
Justified my rules on you
You the trapped kingdom
Justified my success
You accept the joined rules
Celebrate the surrender
You maintained the boundaries
Curves and edges of my kingdom
Until the people around agree
Unbrush to face the portrait
Prayers of the subjects
Indriyas in queue loved
Unscrap the canvas alone
New subjects appeared in paint
My lost brush and paint
Encroached some land
I stood confused unfinished
Heartfelt portrait on canvas
Now the painter went back
Unable to paint in lost manas
Provoked on the invade
Kept the self portrait painted
Paint faded before it ended
Brush dropped and sat aside
Left the canvas unfinished
Finally indicated the lost subject
Overcrowded subjects and kingdoms
Lost my Destination for something
Likewise most people were in fix
Looked for experienced team around
When all lost and found helpless
Created a great dream portfolio



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