Friday, April 29, 2016

Silent love of life

 ----Silent love of life----

Dont make sound
I love silence
Soft rain at Jnaanam
Gentle breeze
Sweet refrain from hustle
Soundless world
Love voiced around
Shined smile sparks
Gazing eye looks
Tender sighs
Place to share love
In silence I heard
Beat of my heart
Few tears dropped
Sound of love
No words I spoke
Words of love I wrote
It was sharp and clear
No fear in love
Sound in my ears
Bird chirps alone
I filtered it out
For a human word
It is finally here
That tender voice
My mother's lullaby
Sweet sound-less
Soundless love
Drum-beat by rain
Rustle music of trees
Birds chirp in rhythm
Sweet symphony love

Divine Jnaanam
Spiritual unconference
Silence of wisdom
Dream the peaks
Speak your love of life

160429 at Muscat

Realized Unpredictable Death

Realized Unpredictable Death
----------- /// 160330 /// ------------

I loved predicting and trained too
Depth of deep water, tree heights
Pages in books, distances around
Weight and age of people and all
Loved and taught logic and maths
Predicted depth of love at times
Reflected unpredictable and lost
Anyone could be wrong in life too
Lost is to be regained, I counselled
A step back is good to move ahead
Always my trial and effort worked
All loved me for my sure sharp shots
I love me to be unpredictable
All around me tells "they know
what I will do now and next"
I want them wrong - just to win
But I fails - as I am what I am
In cheer they said "we know you"
"You are committed not to fail in
Promise and presence always"
"I believe you - you keep promise"
Unpredictable is beautiful
Unpredictable is thrilling
Unpredictable is love life
Unpredictable creates story
Unpredictable is heartbeat
- when one takes forbidden path
- Life is on roads many not taken
One way tickets are rare for me
Unpredictable date of return
Where I shall land back
Always are planned in time
This time I forced being one way
Sensation uncontrolled in life
I sat alone on books on death
Here I learned life is unpredictable
As thoughts on death entered in life
Life is still in silence and saddened
Loneliness and memories in life
Casted shadow on strict past life
Now tears fall through lost love
Promise and commitment lost
Unpredictability death took life
Nights made deep darkness
Predicted that day won't come
Predictable is no infinite tears
All will leave to memories soon
Struggles in life faded thoughts
My predictions on my death date
Faced me in darkened death fear
Predicting my death was blunder
Felt them lucky as they have gone
Faced brave sudden death past
I wish and love to have my dears
Say the same on me "poor one"
"Left unpredictable at last in death"
"I loved you a lot and now I am
saddened - unpredictable he left"
"He grew well fast at verge of life
Left unpredictable in his peak"
I lost in unpredictable life span
I am hearing the sound of death
Footsteps though near had no clue
As unpredictable is just-in sound

Needy and Greedy Being

Needy and Greedy Being
---------// 160327 //---------

Night about to sleep,
Thought of what i need
I want all for a lifetime,
I love that ways of feel,
I want you to know me
My Cool calm emtyness
In rains I kept me dry
In summer I love wet
Want to be happy on cry
I am lost felt for a lead
Wept to wipe the tears
All I needed is just away
I am mad and lost calm
Wants to smile on fun
Faith kept heart not to bleed
Hope helped me to cope
heal in time I need someone
I loaf into meditative thee
Greed is being Jealousy
Greed is envy and selfish
Greed makes you sad
Be happy as need is filled
Just now is a nice moment
All that is good around
Every moment is do so
Love the art created today
Remain even after thee
Creative remains of me
Social media ripped a few
I got kindness from few far
I made my groups and clubs
Evolved ideas and plans
All filled endless needs
Netsangs fed my greed
Humanity is insane they said
Never ever satisfied on needs
Want more of theres and yours
Just to be together to share
When I am with you all is ours
Nothing is mine and yours
Feeling of oneness and fulfilment
I am richer powerful famous
All that you have is mine
As you are fully belongs to me
I took it by force when I need
Felt it is my right and is mine
You must have it as mine
I must have it as mine
My thirst is ever endless
Call it greed or need
I need a life over my greed
Want to share and care all
This is neither greed or need
This is just being together

Women NOT to be understood

Women NOT to be understood
------  // 160308 // ---------

Women is to be loved
Never to be understood
Never try to understand
First understand this !!
Woman who believes
Self recognized worth
shoulder to shoulder
palm in palm
word for word
Equal seat with men
I read my back,
the undone days
Waiting at her home
In charge my soul
Holding my boy
strong in hand
Learned Kung Fu
Strong feminine
Bold woman of now
Cyber virus sexy songs
down the gap in breasts
Dangling the black goggle
Grimming lips hiding fear
disorganized vanity
Pepper spray in tact
woman today in you
Glaze on mirror
Care adorable beauty
weded to God
No share half for man
Walking in smile childly
Work took gazing queenly
Business on Sensex serious
passion unseemly youth
Logically truthful flow
Learning fully bright
humble the humble
proud made as noble
daughters as prouder
Men around stronger
girls little as princely
competence as flag
On the otherside
I see the mom hanging
Craddle on tree branch
One on lap and the
Other playing around
Food beside on fire-oven
Life is to be managed
Bowing before vassals
sweeps the doorways;
All with a aim that
My child be best as
priest or queen ahead
Diorama daughter,
proud and noble
crimson carpet walk
breathing perfumed air
kingly look on princely eye
I the poor poet, for me
she walked high above,
appeared abase to me
lovely angel murmur
Silky clad in wings!
too tender, or and
too cruel
Never to be Understood
Not try to understand


No excuse in life

No excuse in life

No excuse
You can do it
As we have examples -
of people who did it
make it to count on success
Rest not on your excuse
Try it many times
Don’t ever give up
It is not hard work
It is to be smarter
Think of
Michael Faraday
Nelson Mandela
Abraham Lincoln
Ellen Sirleaf Johnson
Florence Nightingale
Newton and Shakespeare
No excuse for youk
Why not and how not
No trials - you can
Do it - Dont try
Take my heart
differs us from one to other
Each of us come from
Same factory - mother
A soul of joy
mar with glory
Good enough
makes our lives more tough
Nothing called destiny
Nor fate to blame

Great men are all ordinary men
they do many fail out of all
Hardships and storms do hit us
Give but never give up
Work - toil the day and night
Glory will glare on you
walk an extra mile
Your legs will support you
Keep faith be truthful
greatness is your pat.
No excuse 

Birth Day Gift

 Birth Day Gift

You are so wonderful that
You deserve all the best
that your life has to give
that from all around you
I hope today and all days
Be filled with happiness
and dreams come true
every step of the way.
I wish you a Birthday
far better than the rest
as you deserves special
Fill full of love to learn
When I think of wishing
many things come to mind.
heart filled in care to chase
that fills smiles with fun
Have your best fun filled
Birthday with all dears
Quiz or talk to share time
No matter what you do!
Celebrate everywhere you go
That giant cake you sliced
be the moments for Health
Youth in pleasure in group
Many add years to life
And you add life to years
all your win as you reflect
Be on the blessings of god
Life well spend for all around
Creative and inspiring in act
Glow in thought and heart
Have stars in sky to see
No Pain- no gain the say
Let you be a winner despite
Without Trouble and tire
Sparked in glory and bliss.

The Teacher Mentor - Me ?

The Teacher Mentor - Me ?
     ------   151223 ------

Long back, when we met
When you were just a kid
You treated me as professor
You were a nirmal student
You made me your friend
Turned me your philosopher
Now, when you say that
I mean the world to you
It realy means a lot for me
As you are not a kid for me
You grew along to set as self
Ocer turned all small focuses
Remember days i was tough
made you to cry for long
Times were tough for me
'It's okay, I am with you.' You said
It is soothening and better
Nice to hear from you always
'You made me as I am today'
You coped well your Pappa
My first steps of JNAANAM
Remembering made by you
Gratefulness is not a word
On lovely website you did
I wanted you to grow high
chase dreams along side
A parental feel in mentoring
Not a proud professor ever

Edutrain Movie

Edutrain Movie
----- 151214 -----

Light and shadow
Black and white
Changes in color
Made the movies
Faces in action
Made drama
More advanced
Movie in action
I taught my wards
Movie is not to
Watch or see
'Movie is to learn'
Today when i see
Most of the movies
That you all watch
I say 'stop it fully'
Creative one to learn
Innovative thoughts in
Spiritual linked thought
Infotrainment it is
I wish to see all EMM
(Educational - Multi-Media)
On at least some TVs
That is to teach kids
All that they are to learn

+919447437948 / 9502038875

Life Travel

Life Travel 
---- 151222 ---

I traveled wild and wideThat Gave me a travel lifeMy journey turned as travelThat made my life livelyWinter to summer the lifeWet in swet in rainy daysLife the same pace on roadThe travel changed thrillGift of furtune marked lifeCreative i remained alwaysI dont want and wanted anyAlwys flowing oni its slopeYes at times like the woodFallen across - stuck the flowI shall wait to fill and over-flowShall try all sides or up-downI seek time to fill it fullEnjoy the whitness in pearlMilky flow that enchants I learned that fall is thrillingI swept the ways that i wentCleaned and served all aroundQuenched the thirst of manyTook many named as i flewMy travel is without identityNever aspire nor trsted pathCreated lively life travel slopeSoft and swift - path took it

          -----  &&  -----