Thursday, January 5, 2017

Amma :: Richer-Done :: Rich-Left -----------161206--------

Amma :: Richer-Done :: Rich-Left

She had the royal connect
grandpa in mysore palace
Retained it all-through
Else why president for marina
All India more or less flew to
Rajaji hall to marina beach

pious in prays stayed
afoot beside for rituals
Now at marina sleeps
Non-ritualistic Dravidian
Not on true Brahmanism

Clothed in green waited
In pious-ness for burial
Sanctimonious tomb
Royal beside her mgr
epitaph ashore marina

As a drama; death declared
After all is set to new CM
Governor stayed midnight
Police covered roads around
All know that she is no more
But kept stayed to set all in
Poured in all friends and foes

Made enough and more money
Got more enemy than friends
Wrong and right decisions
Strong stayed; got in troubles

Color tv changed her color once
And she came in colorfull on tv
Sweet sixteen in English movie
Rolled in Kannada over Hindi
Hundreds in Tamil and Telugu

Prison for days; soon acquitted
Film fame to fifth time elected
Stayed as most bankable actress
Started in hindi with Kishore Kumar

First film in tamil with 'A'
In tamil assembly dresses
Full jacket covered in hit
Both was high glamour paid

'Lagtha nahi hai dil yaha'
'Aajaa sanam' song she sang
Shown her singing sensation
Extra stood crossed interviews
Never gave catch to press
Got caught in grassroots

Jaya was not just Lalitha
But was nil without mgr
Sita to Rama; Left Janaki
Jaya to amma was growth
Fun Film to power politics

Left Sasikala alone; the shadow
Left foster-son on golden wed
Left dreams just at sixty-eight
Left heap of books she loved
Left huge group of poor-down



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