Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Sword and love filled heart -------- 161114 -------

Sword and love filled heart
-------- 161114 -------

Gayathri Devi stood distinct
Man Sing and Jai Sing too
Life changed beyond control
deep within had deep pure soul

Tears that is not visible to the naked eye,
silent screams that no one can hear.
Anger turned into courage holding hands
feeling in sad and worthless spoke

holding one hand promise marriage
Two hands holding should mean a lot
City made by King of Amber, Jai Singh
Heritage and science in Jantar Mantar

Pinky Hawa Mahal trade pearl and cloth
Cherished DooB JaL mahal Jadhoo boy
Light and sound stories kings and queens
Spoke on Muslim Mughal and Hindu Rajs
Unspoken lady princes stayed closed
in Red and Pink endorsing chambers
Seen the mirror reflected races in blue

creative skills of Prasi danced with tunes
got official Brig Sajan, missed care of love
Paru's hands thrown around canon clicks
unbeatable Gaya fully on gunned shoots

Rajpur, Mugal and European styles
The diamonds on crown glittered
Showing the wonders of marble art
Red grandness stone wealth of Rajput

Cultures and rituals in pink city heart
incredible glory of army shouldered
intimates make zeal in life to live on
A must pride visit for every Indian

Someone close pulled striing
Akbar dug self out in despair
Joddah was mute in distress
Planned mix of life of rajputh
----    ------    ------             

My sister Praseetha -
hus Brig Sajan
and daughters Paru and Gaya


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