Thursday, November 10, 2016

Others tears roll on my lips --------- 161110 --------

Others tears roll on my lips
---------  161110 ----------

Travel start on call from people I know
end in a tearful kids, called me ABO
Many tears escaped from my eyes
Filled feelings in paper to reach me

Somehow I know many, keeps contact
My world is a small village of learners
When one Burns Fire in stomach alone
Beyond control want to empty in void

Many have a bigger world than mine
But has a great heart beating tears
Many need to sail from sadness pain
Loneliness causes tear filled nights

North-East days taught me pain of one
Months of chilled loneliness in tears
Waiting for home lift craves in vain
Tears fall down in eyes to be hidden

Waited for someone would comfort
Uncomfort tears in eyes never stoped
Life in reading and drawing spirit left
Prayed for hand of help years waited

Seen the beautiful rainbow in west
World could be never so geometric
Systematic government or god's plan
spreading its wings in east I dreamt

I reached highs and waited watched
Fall of eyes down in sorrow every year
Allowed others tears roll on my lips
Hearing my poems opened to me

Goodbye never said to North-East
There is no in between next visit
That thought comes as brain empty
Though Heart pounding into poems