Thursday, January 5, 2017

Uthsav - Nostalgic Dance

To walk back in time

Redefined life stream

Only to see young
Again the old we
In company

undone hatred
Under the sad-mood
felt all as mine
never felt fight
But has to fight self
nostalgia blocked
Breath and blood
Shown the dance
Uthsav in temple

What attracted the mass ? -
Decorated god on
Priest's head
across seen
dark hair of clouds
in large group
nostalgic mood
Depth in thoughts
deep love
unchanged steps
Gave Happy gaze

My Childhood Days
Grown we all
Unchanged crowd
Golden Days
The same ever
No change
Then why witness
It is the people across
The mood of the lot
Many with heirs
Just to inherit
------- -------------         

Amma :: Richer-Done :: Rich-Left -----------161206--------

Amma :: Richer-Done :: Rich-Left

She had the royal connect
grandpa in mysore palace
Retained it all-through
Else why president for marina
All India more or less flew to
Rajaji hall to marina beach

pious in prays stayed
afoot beside for rituals
Now at marina sleeps
Non-ritualistic Dravidian
Not on true Brahmanism

Clothed in green waited
In pious-ness for burial
Sanctimonious tomb
Royal beside her mgr
epitaph ashore marina

As a drama; death declared
After all is set to new CM
Governor stayed midnight
Police covered roads around
All know that she is no more
But kept stayed to set all in
Poured in all friends and foes

Made enough and more money
Got more enemy than friends
Wrong and right decisions
Strong stayed; got in troubles

Color tv changed her color once
And she came in colorfull on tv
Sweet sixteen in English movie
Rolled in Kannada over Hindi
Hundreds in Tamil and Telugu

Prison for days; soon acquitted
Film fame to fifth time elected
Stayed as most bankable actress
Started in hindi with Kishore Kumar

First film in tamil with 'A'
In tamil assembly dresses
Full jacket covered in hit
Both was high glamour paid

'Lagtha nahi hai dil yaha'
'Aajaa sanam' song she sang
Shown her singing sensation
Extra stood crossed interviews
Never gave catch to press
Got caught in grassroots

Jaya was not just Lalitha
But was nil without mgr
Sita to Rama; Left Janaki
Jaya to amma was growth
Fun Film to power politics

Left Sasikala alone; the shadow
Left foster-son on golden wed
Left dreams just at sixty-eight
Left heap of books she loved
Left huge group of poor-down


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Quest in Chest -----161205----

Quest in Chest

My treasure in chest
cool in the summer
warm in the winter
Blur when near
Far it felt clear
Cheer as it is out
The quest walk

Too far I could
Go alone gaze
Ablaze peace
Quest remain
Door to knowledge
Effort alone
The skill
That gel - attitude

This opens the door
Steps to the future
Bad temper at times
Self fooled along
All around says settle
No guarantee, don't
Less is your chance
Risk not, get to job

Created job and home
Wedded and got kids
Expectation are nil
Made no learn ahead

Two embraced in love
No mistakes flashed
farewell from home
dishonour advices
Vacation and fun

legends say dream high
I loved my days created
Small dreams in many
Said love your days
Weep not your days

Broken bridges halt not;
Make you a swimmer
Horizon to sky you reach
Be on ground unhappy

Stay in father's feet
Use mother's tongue
Fill fountain of spirit
Unending passion
Crave rewarding power
Give a self promise
Learned is to use
Achieve wisdom
Experience society

Attitude + Skill + Opportunity = Performance / Success -----------161128---------

Attitude + Skill + Opportunity = Performance / Success

"udyOginam purushasimham upaiti Lakshmi.."

when someone try hard with focus and efficiency,
Lakshmi or prosperity would smile on him.

So not to simply depend on Fate but to strive hard.
Even if fails, later you wouldn't feel if it was for want of trying.

So the two necessary conditions for success are
attitude / effort(preparedness) and grace(opportunity / environment)

The trials will improve skill
That can be used for next trial / activity            

At Midnight; Sip Herbal Lemon Thulasi Tea

Weak after Long travel
Or during heavy rain
At midnight thulasi tea
JNAANAM misty chill

Ever waiting for the sip
Mug to lips to tongue
In my favourite mug
warm tea with no sweet
never in honey or sugar
You are the one I need

Misty mid night to morning
Stirred the spoon stayed in
Vapours up and love below
Aromatic golden drink of love

midnight herbal tea stayed
Jnaanam memory in mug
Waiting for another day tea
Strong red in milk and sugar

- - ---------- -  -            

Make LIFE a Journey -------161120-------

Make LIFE a Journey

I am a traveler alone.
Love to make a good group to travel along with me.
So that I can convert it as a journey.
Alone all of us are on our travel.

Journey against travel is distinct as it has a purpose and is achieving with enjoyment.

Let our LIFE be - Live In Full Enjoyment - let it flourish ever.

Mentoring Children
Guide as one reachers higher education and employed
Help in Life Management during Middle age
Give Spiritual direction while in LIFE

Sword and love filled heart -------- 161114 -------

Sword and love filled heart
-------- 161114 -------

Gayathri Devi stood distinct
Man Sing and Jai Sing too
Life changed beyond control
deep within had deep pure soul

Tears that is not visible to the naked eye,
silent screams that no one can hear.
Anger turned into courage holding hands
feeling in sad and worthless spoke

holding one hand promise marriage
Two hands holding should mean a lot
City made by King of Amber, Jai Singh
Heritage and science in Jantar Mantar

Pinky Hawa Mahal trade pearl and cloth
Cherished DooB JaL mahal Jadhoo boy
Light and sound stories kings and queens
Spoke on Muslim Mughal and Hindu Rajs
Unspoken lady princes stayed closed
in Red and Pink endorsing chambers
Seen the mirror reflected races in blue

creative skills of Prasi danced with tunes
got official Brig Sajan, missed care of love
Paru's hands thrown around canon clicks
unbeatable Gaya fully on gunned shoots

Rajpur, Mugal and European styles
The diamonds on crown glittered
Showing the wonders of marble art
Red grandness stone wealth of Rajput

Cultures and rituals in pink city heart
incredible glory of army shouldered
intimates make zeal in life to live on
A must pride visit for every Indian

Someone close pulled striing
Akbar dug self out in despair
Joddah was mute in distress
Planned mix of life of rajputh
----    ------    ------             

My sister Praseetha -
hus Brig Sajan
and daughters Paru and Gaya