Thursday, January 5, 2017

Uthsav - Nostalgic Dance

To walk back in time

Redefined life stream

Only to see young
Again the old we
In company

undone hatred
Under the sad-mood
felt all as mine
never felt fight
But has to fight self
nostalgia blocked
Breath and blood
Shown the dance
Uthsav in temple

What attracted the mass ? -
Decorated god on
Priest's head
across seen
dark hair of clouds
in large group
nostalgic mood
Depth in thoughts
deep love
unchanged steps
Gave Happy gaze

My Childhood Days
Grown we all
Unchanged crowd
Golden Days
The same ever
No change
Then why witness
It is the people across
The mood of the lot
Many with heirs
Just to inherit
------- -------------         


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