Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Love to Live - East or West 160625

Love to Live - East or West

Go to west to love east
Is it that u have to miss to love
Can't you gain and give
Love to live and live to love
Love, to supersede hatred
Be strong to resist weaknesses
Get inspiration, to lighten inner-mind
Be in self - attain the spirit
No east or west - all are relative
West is East to East at East

Learn to win over ignorance,
Live in dignity, wisdom and bliss
Truth alone survive
Health only is wealth,
Peace and love in heart
Smile like breath, unstoppable
Create self leadership
Close to best attitude
Live to care, share, love - all

Understand the misunderstanding,
Correct and proceed in positive
Forgive and don't fight and waste time
Don't loose humanity

Stop not; till achieve
Don't ever give-up
Give hand and don't ask
When u give
They too offer
To shake hands

Fun and joy filled life is to keep
Laziness out and being spiritual

Yesterday is past and pass it not
Today is for action and make it work
Tomorrow is always indecisive
Don't worry about the future
Live for the day
as you are ready to die Any moment
not waiting for a day ahead
Life is to live, love to live




Misunderstanding 160624



Mathew sir told me
I came to meet you
Thinking you as Fr.
His priest in church

But we parted being good
Good old friendship refreshed

Fame is clearly a total of
Misunderstanding that can
Gather around a new name
I got many such names

Before you start life
A part of you will die
I added friends
Killed my ego
By being what and how
They wanted me

Physical misunderstanding
Creates emotional togetherness
As u reflect a known close associate
Emotional misunderstanding
Creates physical hatred
You want to move apart physically

But, the other day
A known face
Thought so familiar
Had an argument
So much against each other
Fully filled misunderstanding

Start putting thoughts
Into words and sentences
Everything gets distorted,
Language is just not good enough
I use it because I have to,
But, I don’t put any trust in it.
Never understand each other.

Devil past haunt us,
On pains of mistakes
Tender moments of soul
Mostly forgotten on hate
This is the irony of love.

Between Love and Hate
Lies confusion, misunderstanding
Desperate hope keeps it close to love
The mood makes it close to hate

Let words go of what could have
How you should have said matters
You wish many a times in distress
You would have said differently

Truth you will understand
Upon forgiveness on others
This is the point you will be free
Free of tension of miss-tooks

Best and worst times of life coincides
Talent of the soul discovers joy in pain
Thinking of moments you long for,
You know you’ll never have them again

Wise communication is not hearing
What being said; but what not
Read between the lines to learn
What not said and why being wise.

We make our islands
Shout each other
Across seas of big

Regret is missing your only good friend
Someone exactly like you who reflect
Else love is really a stupid big mistake
Don’t be so hard when it don’t turn good

One person who loved deeply
Being sensitive showed it open
Worth knowing hurting is not
Showing who really you ar
Real love show many faces as it takes
Show all faces in moods to prove
That person wanted you in life
In hidden willful blindness
Fully misunderstood they stay
Two tongues in mouths not saying
Four eyes staring at different places
Two hearts in cement lost its beats

SNGuru told that untold love is lost

Unshown  love will gather fungus



Waiting 160501


Alone i waited Folding hands
No care for the hot sun out
In was chilled my cool self
usual crowded around gate

In haste, no delay i came
Longing the right first sight

Unblinked eyes all to gate
It swing open and closed

Black - long - fat - slim - all came
Waited in eager the pace amid

Who shall know my face and see
All I see one by on out
This side a group waiting
I shall see her, but locate me

sleep, sleepless
awake, smart and
Day by night passed
Waiting - seeking mom

What  if I stand alone?
Stay beside the son
She will quickly glare
The smart boy

I wait with joy coming pair of eyes
A heart behind it that waved
garner-up its fruit as tears
Happy occassion of end of wait

Spiritual - Infant face 160430

Spiritual - Infant face

Sleep Bright sadless
Sleep Beauty joyful
Dream not
sit and weep not

pretty infant face
After a sleep is cute
little heart too sleeps
steal the morning Smile

My dreadful night
cheek and eye trumbled
youthful thoughts in sleep
Heaven on Earth, i dream

Body of any-body,
flesh or no-flesh
fugitive thoughts
blind and bitter life
ferry to burial mystery

I wish to be a child
with no other wish
Holy face traced heart
Mothers love reflect

Truly unselfish sleep
Thoughts joined sleep
Refractive thoughts
Waited for estuary
Into deep sleep of sea

Take and receive
Consume and engulf
Gulped over again
My huge cave belly
Filled my huger waves
Left no Breath space

blood and heart beat
Felt valves expansion
Rival thoughts i sat
driving for and forth
My boy remorseful
betrayal of harsh life

I want no Sweet dreams
shade of a meditation
Like a lovely infant sleep
silent under moony beam !!