Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Spiritual - Infant face 160430

Spiritual - Infant face

Sleep Bright sadless
Sleep Beauty joyful
Dream not
sit and weep not

pretty infant face
After a sleep is cute
little heart too sleeps
steal the morning Smile

My dreadful night
cheek and eye trumbled
youthful thoughts in sleep
Heaven on Earth, i dream

Body of any-body,
flesh or no-flesh
fugitive thoughts
blind and bitter life
ferry to burial mystery

I wish to be a child
with no other wish
Holy face traced heart
Mothers love reflect

Truly unselfish sleep
Thoughts joined sleep
Refractive thoughts
Waited for estuary
Into deep sleep of sea

Take and receive
Consume and engulf
Gulped over again
My huge cave belly
Filled my huger waves
Left no Breath space

blood and heart beat
Felt valves expansion
Rival thoughts i sat
driving for and forth
My boy remorseful
betrayal of harsh life

I want no Sweet dreams
shade of a meditation
Like a lovely infant sleep
silent under moony beam !!


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