Friday, April 29, 2016

Silent love of life

 ----Silent love of life----

Dont make sound
I love silence
Soft rain at Jnaanam
Gentle breeze
Sweet refrain from hustle
Soundless world
Love voiced around
Shined smile sparks
Gazing eye looks
Tender sighs
Place to share love
In silence I heard
Beat of my heart
Few tears dropped
Sound of love
No words I spoke
Words of love I wrote
It was sharp and clear
No fear in love
Sound in my ears
Bird chirps alone
I filtered it out
For a human word
It is finally here
That tender voice
My mother's lullaby
Sweet sound-less
Soundless love
Drum-beat by rain
Rustle music of trees
Birds chirp in rhythm
Sweet symphony love

Divine Jnaanam
Spiritual unconference
Silence of wisdom
Dream the peaks
Speak your love of life

160429 at Muscat


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