Friday, April 29, 2016

Needy and Greedy Being

Needy and Greedy Being
---------// 160327 //---------

Night about to sleep,
Thought of what i need
I want all for a lifetime,
I love that ways of feel,
I want you to know me
My Cool calm emtyness
In rains I kept me dry
In summer I love wet
Want to be happy on cry
I am lost felt for a lead
Wept to wipe the tears
All I needed is just away
I am mad and lost calm
Wants to smile on fun
Faith kept heart not to bleed
Hope helped me to cope
heal in time I need someone
I loaf into meditative thee
Greed is being Jealousy
Greed is envy and selfish
Greed makes you sad
Be happy as need is filled
Just now is a nice moment
All that is good around
Every moment is do so
Love the art created today
Remain even after thee
Creative remains of me
Social media ripped a few
I got kindness from few far
I made my groups and clubs
Evolved ideas and plans
All filled endless needs
Netsangs fed my greed
Humanity is insane they said
Never ever satisfied on needs
Want more of theres and yours
Just to be together to share
When I am with you all is ours
Nothing is mine and yours
Feeling of oneness and fulfilment
I am richer powerful famous
All that you have is mine
As you are fully belongs to me
I took it by force when I need
Felt it is my right and is mine
You must have it as mine
I must have it as mine
My thirst is ever endless
Call it greed or need
I need a life over my greed
Want to share and care all
This is neither greed or need
This is just being together


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