Friday, April 29, 2016

The Teacher Mentor - Me ?

The Teacher Mentor - Me ?
     ------   151223 ------

Long back, when we met
When you were just a kid
You treated me as professor
You were a nirmal student
You made me your friend
Turned me your philosopher
Now, when you say that
I mean the world to you
It realy means a lot for me
As you are not a kid for me
You grew along to set as self
Ocer turned all small focuses
Remember days i was tough
made you to cry for long
Times were tough for me
'It's okay, I am with you.' You said
It is soothening and better
Nice to hear from you always
'You made me as I am today'
You coped well your Pappa
My first steps of JNAANAM
Remembering made by you
Gratefulness is not a word
On lovely website you did
I wanted you to grow high
chase dreams along side
A parental feel in mentoring
Not a proud professor ever


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