Wednesday, July 12, 2017

God must save the Gods

Today morning I had been to temples
Many small and big
Ganesa the common one everywhere
- With father Siva 
- With brother Karthikeyan
- With Devi the mom
- With Bharatha the cousin?
 everywhere he had a place.

At some temples there were
Unknown - not so well known 
One like Hidumbhan too

That is all okay
Known or unknown
Visitors do meet 
Do one meet or see

I do converse 
I heard their voice

Siva was fed well
Maybe this is his season
The assistant at Temple told me - you too can have coffee
Poor are the others around 
Gods not so fed (naivediyam)
On a holiday they  are over-fed
God knows working days are at times - kept to starve !!

The well-known temple
Devaswam administrator should know the count
Orders hanged
"Don't offer without receipts"
Not direct or to the priest
Only pay at office

God too have to be reached
Through proper channel !!

"Photography on payments only"
I can have a selfie with God?

I too heard gods too have an ego !

Gods' stories of fight and ego 
Heard many in my childhood
Cool or upset
Settled or not
Had they had fights?
So they are too silly

One is fed well
People do pay more!
Priest is sitting beside
Lamps lighted fully
Colorful dress and flowers
A few kept abandoned!

Silly could be me 
Thoughts haunted 
Why people do care a few
Cared one and at times lost
Lost is the pride 
Lost is the care

May God save the Gods!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Live Technologically to be Live

Life is good when one keeps up-to-date
Technology is so near to door step
Pop-ups and whats-apps
Like and chat beyond Linked-in

I took birth in BC - before computer
And migrated to digital
You young ones of AD - After Digital
I am a bit and Byte slow

All get wedded to wifi today
Booster and web
Earlier web and net was
Disturbing and traps

Booting gave a way to start
Wake up after a sleep
Never could know sleep is this
Hibernation could be this simple

Technology came to fasten
My process to save my time
Now Wasting time on time pass
Time saver ate away my time

Got many far so closer and
Got my near ones so far away
Contacts increased to many
Many contacts went far off
Gave good publicity
Lost the privacy too

Earlier bulky television
Operated nearby slim rich
Now slim TV’s with poor or rich
The remote in hand of obese
Real technology contribution

Windows were to see out
It gave good wind too
Neighbours friends across window
Came close and doors were open
Multiple windows now show world
None opens the door to any

Revoked and refrigerated heated
Microwave and fresh old foods
Against first fresh cook of mom
MOM controlled kids and now
Mobile Operational Management
DAD is Database Application Developer
Kids are thus on video games

Tilting hip and neck is jammed
With lap-top and smart-phone
All scratched head on questions
For answer now scratch in palm

Spiritual people prayed RAM
And performed better in bliss
Today more RAM system gives
Guaranteed performance to bliss

Home was where the heart ends
And we love to be there in the end
Thus home is end for all
In computer home is what takes
One opposite to end - at start

Antibiotics was for diseased
But antivirus protects system
So much if extra care life is in
Live is being active and respond
But many live and life is not shown
Technology makes you no escape
All will see you and force to be live
----- 170425    -----              

My silent Inner Self

Whenever and Whatever I reveal
Immediately the inner me says 
I shouldn't have, as is not wise
My enjoyment died and I am silent

I pushed me to be smart
Created precious moments 
Busy I wiped it as always 
I am scared of many around

In poetry or in painting
One love to fly with freedom
Life is not as simple as 
Physics that defines limits

Rules can't decide 
The inner silent self
That speaks volumes 
On little nuance of life 

Inner self silence is the
Unpainted gaps in my painting
Little gaps and space in the poems
That is the beauty of my life

You or me - conscious self 
Can't decipher thoughts 

My brush danced in color palette 
In mixed feelings and painted 
But left gaps that are best untold
Mixed words inside the lines
writing poetry to express all in me
Left gaps at unseparated feelings 

Listening to your inner self
See the creativity fly around
You be the mastery innovator
Start your journey onn

Shallow thoughts have
A deep inner feel
Give a chill to Inner self
Silent self will speak out



When One says or asks -
A bus station is where a bus stops
A train station is where a train stops
A work station is ...
You call SMART
But not Gentle
Smart are around
Takes pen and write
Draw very well
Study well

Early morning till evening
Trade to Business or Spiritual
Effective and Affective
Always on toes 
Smart is fast and full

If I predict a fire closely
I ran and escaped rain
Without hit I get to new style door
Climb or drop fast 
Finish exam fast and full
You call me smart 
I am self and individual

When I get along with 
Large group and speak 
Sharp and convincing
Catch the audience
You call me Gentle and smart
It is being social and public

Here comes the famous 
Vivekananda's dialogue 
- In your country tailer
and in our country culture 
makes a gentlemen
Gentle and Smart