Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Victorian celebration - Late visit

Read the western Scotland writers
Dreamt to visit west - night at Thames
Unread me from village never desired
But I visited un-noticed to celebrate

Felt walking along roads like Sherlock
Baker street to Madame Tussauds
Real model men and women stayed
Unmodeled celebrated selfie with lot

Beach with the Best of Lords and Gods
Across coloured sky scenes of my life
Seen love legacy -  world celebrated
Scene vanished with two foot prints 

Heavenly blue came and said - no Grieve 

Wait - our reunion is soon after the dark
As partners again never we could think

You defined the greater Kingdom failed

Gifted LIFE each day and the day after

To dream about tomorrow, to celebrate now
To love a little one has to live a lot 
To live a little one has to love a lot

After all the little journey till green park 
Ordinary can be extraordinary like tulips
Daffodils - Lilacs - Sunflowers - count 
Children on stars not to burry happiness

Secret buried treasure chest heart
Little moments made life celebrate
When I go so many things left to see
Tear not but thank for good years

Coleridge 1772-1834 stayed here
House board in London street said
Kubla Khan came out in memory 
I took a snap along to cherish ahead

Traveled alone trusted, grief comforted
Love around softened and clear at home
When brown leaves caught the glimpse

Lengthening shadows showed long life
Walked slowly down long path with son
He is graduating that gave a celebration

Manchester train took us to Milton Keys
Mom is on her best gifts, treasure of love
Saw Yadu's guide mentor friend in heart

The royal to Imperial college change
Mining to material department progress 
No units to measure worth of legacy
Taught science with life in love and fight

Land of wonderful grandmother, not old
Smile of sunshine that saw up and down
Victorian Green park to Brexit new gain !
Colonial balance is seen without  grief

Share the celebration of life, start to end
Moments are new for no begin to end 
Rising sun and setting son looks coloured
Blowing wind that chill of winter we know
Remember them as pit and falls-not normal



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