Thursday, September 3, 2015

RAIN AT JNAANAM --------(150813)----------


Jnaanam is not the dwelling around
It is all within the inmate's manas
The rain that dropped had a rhythm
Voice of rain drummed my thoughts
Night had the dance of rain in silence
I know rain only knows what I need
Watching the leaves dancing on beat
Rain gave a calmness in heart beat
Thirsty plants got filled its soil in rain
Love refreshed soul; soil is as my soul
We took bath in cold rain outside
Like diamond from sky rain dropped
Touching skin it rolled out magical
Rolled feelings in my heart called
Arms open wide collecting drops,
Shook it out to see it jets away
Drum beats feel added to rain sound
Rhythm of life made it musical love
I admire and adore rain;
My soul want it; to live ahead
I feel to live longer; refreshing
In this soil; that quench my soul


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