Thursday, September 3, 2015

Death to Memory -----(((150819)))----

Death to Memory

View blinked down as lost vision

Center of eye too had insane look

Closed or open - eye seen unmoved
Teeth grinning silent without feelings
Breathing was unaware of lungs
Quickly left control on medical kit
No haste said doctors; expressionless
Waited for the respiration to stop
Slept in between death and life
Story of life; kid to old age in thoughts
Glimpses of love and loss slashed
Smiled away memories around
Untiringly steps in death
Lightly flew-out feathery the life
Time to give off everything
There was a deep loss instantly
Lost on the way for the left ones
Affectionate wept and slept
Words of condolence dripped off
WhatsApp and FB messages flooded
Newspaper carried a small column
Scratch-less stayed on the next day
Cremation rituals spread its sheets
White wall memory on dark death
It is when together or alone for dears
Absence makes the memory live
What keeps stuck is the love shreds
Definite is death and indefinite is love


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