Thursday, September 3, 2015

Death-Bed Dreams ☆---《150803》---☆

Death-Bed Dreams

Sitting on the thick-hard armchair
Soft bright lightened poems born
Papers would have not spared space
but I opted laptop to phone to write
Cleared the spellings and usage
Backspace overused unsatisfied
Floor cleaner smelled the hospital
Thin light in rooms gave a gloom
Eye-lids closed and opened as the
Clicks of the clock stepped by step
Days on days passes as life turned
All that was in blooms had its fall
Burning death fear awakened me
Until the dark night gave way to sun
Staring at the floor pattern I drew
Dream of life to death in idle alone
Cramped hands unable to move
Gave no key-board option to write
Waited someone to pen my words
Who loves to read my poems alone?
All alone these days I stayed in room
Old fan made my room not in silence
Tongue made no food request as ever
Belly flame asked to flame the stove
Fever is in and it tried brushing out
The chill body became uneven hot
Perfect I must stay ahead for show
Class must go on else I will be alone
Illness and pain is not the issue
How and why I am around useless
The days ahead too is waste of time
Let my story be ended soon for good
Fever fix in me with chest heavy
Dried lips offering lightest thoughts
The soft one that gave cold against
The heated skin around the neck
It's me filled on this chair on laptop
My dream and my poem unearthed
I need space to end before it started
It must live for my dream students



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