Thursday, September 3, 2015

Another one like me young ----- ((150709)) -----

Another one like me young

An innocent boy grown as old man 
Memories of honey is less in stock
Had no Guardian who guarded any time
Entangled life in troubles and no fun
Never realized any love nor care
Gone with time as driven by life
Got coped with days as it passed by
Missed nothing as had not had hopes
Felt at times for a company for care
Wanted time to go ahead to grow fast
Felt that life doesn't had a role in life
Lives as one has taken birth normal
Haven't learn philosophy of life
I know philosophy makes life tough
Felt never fun nor seriousness any
I lost my father and sister while young
But then had never mourned on death
I knew not value nor loss on death
When they died I was four as child
Now after forty-four years it is a story
I got young charm back now in me
Life gladdened as years walked on me
Lived around this wide world over
Found no charm as that I had as child
I would have a boy to grow protected
Not my labour go in vain - hate me not
For enjoyment of bringing up to make
With no risk; same mode better way
Thinking deep now I found it is dread
He would never be the same like me
World around is too different and can't
Ever make a boy like me could survive
Plan broke sooner than it was made
Brave me not for another one like me



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