Sunday, July 5, 2015

Accident added another story ------------(150705)---------

I drove down on the road to Naduvil
Had a crossing bus at Nadukani curve
Speedy jeep faced me following bus 
I saw the blue and red glow spark
It was a sure hit and drag to death
would have taken me to electric post

A spec of moment I was out of world
All memories on moments blank
Flashed lights of life and dark death
How to make sense of it all in lost

Learned where I am; when stopped
I saw brother’s son and daughter all safe in place not hurt bad and live
No devastated feel on any face too

Front Glass of Car broke in head hit
My brother’s head had no injury, safe
All well and we stood as no matter
Tried to drive the car back to road

The car I drove many roads denied
Sunk in mud deep both left wheels
Sure would jammed in mud and grass
Helped pass by to lift it up on road
No way could drive as stuck blocked
The car mechanic is now on work
I heard my brother discussing this tragic event as a safe escape around

I love his kindness to me, not blaming
He said I saved without hurt on any
I don't know it is true, but I said sorry
As it is me who drove it to accident

It is the good three souls who prayed
Prayers of many on all these four life
The unknown rescuer plied his role
Dragged me to drive for hit and stop

Seen my mother who gave life to me
Lying lifeless and still, hardly father
All my siblings have moved on to life
Little me selfishly lived my gifted life

Thanking all for my best life so far
I wished staying at native not to miss
Reflect on the prayers I had from all
Laughing on memories until I cry

I am sure God wouldn't end it soon
Will allow me to give this story added
When I drive on this road always next
Leading to Jnaanam for another event


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