Sunday, July 5, 2015

Life reflection or shadow - LIFE is to LIVE beautifully ---------《150625》---------

Look at light, I see the brightest me
I turn against light I see my shadow
I saw my shadow and wept in fear
Drowned in endless undiscovered tear
Searched ways of self-discovery alone
None told me the light is on other side
Feared lost; mind became departed
Unseen dangerous snakes rapped me
The day on my meeting with GURU
He turned me just in time to learn
Brightness had in thoughts and life
Learned life to reflect and live alone
He taught me to share, love and care
Air has oxygen than carbon dioxide
Life too has positive than negatives
But people do process it to negatives
Cherish or to perish is choice one has
Create moments that has brighter life
Life in group is bliss; live alone is crime
Creating group is not that easy task
All are due in choice with no quest
I wish have the passion to learn self
Ask a question on your attitude shine
Do your heart choose to stay alone
Are you with someone to gain life
Alone in the group where you are now
Alone is a feel and company is a feel
Turn to hear your pain inside again ask
Hear in the dark night; your sobs alone
Fear in your self; stops day-night again
Love to be the being that urged in me
Strive the bliss of bless by guru in me
At times the blocked flow on need
Not known where I'm going or have to
Why do life doesn't move to get to me
I wait for a student who could turn me bright
I read article by Aparna on her grandpa
Money is dust back-dropped in walk
Value the learning and teaching alone
Message from my guru in his poem
Wish I had him for longer time with me
Wish I had used time with him better
Hope no students ever had same fate
Hope life to live ahead is beautiful


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