Sunday, July 5, 2015

What you Imagine is NOT real -------------《150624》-------------

Imagine a life 
Where everything is calm and clear 
Imagine a life
Where all around with fame and fare
Imagination has
never limited and fixed never for pain
Reality has share of 
happiness, pain, shame and fame
I get a heartache and
Feel alone when no teaching a day
A call from unknown
gives a hope and forgets all the pain
I fall deeply in love 
waiting thirst for the day of class 
But that isn`t a fairy one
In real looks so shabby and untaken
Not everything is clear 
Not my choices are right and best
But in the end when 
There will always be someone loves it
I imagine that a few writes
Not seen someone ever respond after
Contact of any is a ray of hope 
Many a times it is lost in dusty storm
I never feel old with kids
Imagine that they take me as friends 
Rare is to see any choice
But had a few triggered lively classes
It create a block in dream 
And shut out myself in aloof to say NO
To all my sessions ahead
Imagine the world is bad, I worth nil
Happily soon gets a call
'Sir, I attended your session and wanted you to be with us here for a larger audience at your chosen date'
Dreams can come true
Lost mind gets blossomed in reality
Cheer that was lost in dream
Gets in an imagined real rejoice later
The trouble of travel
heavy dusk on the shut of activity
That is the reality 
On a mercy call wait this used less
Wish a zeal reborn
Brighter dawn for a shining day
That never set ever
Darkness is never in imagination


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