Monday, June 8, 2015

Rain measure of feel ☆☆《150607》☆☆

Flowing water on the path i walked
Had the rolling stones that fled
Rain was that scene in my childhood
At night it is the sound on tiled roof

Across the window panel gaps
lightning shown rain light showers
Poured in heavy and dampened air
Gutters and roads flew as rivers

The rhyme was never heard
I studied in local mother tongue
No song in malayalam on rain
touched a feel as 'rain rain go away'
If i could had a welcome rain song
splashed sprinkles on the varandha
Used by me to write MY NAME with
Dreams built around as engineer

Heavy rain was to splash and work
When the mud is cut and thrown
loved in the garden with bath in rain
Freedom to the power of infinity

Shower is seen by the farmer as
Shower of blessjngs for the sprout
Had the extreme that created puthra
River the brahma in north east always

down the wet streets in the oil spill
Created the rainbow during the light
Learned my refraction class in physics
In the sky too on all the rainy days
From the country side to this closed
Lonly room with my spotted hiding
the dry grass when the summer rain
Created dew drops as an extra hung

Lifting my dazy head i wish a drop
Almost dipping from nostrils in rain
Wanted to have a shower in rain
Getting back to my younger days

Want to walk; not with oiled rainbow
on the rolling stones of seemless flow
First rain gives the muddy dust smell 
smoked soil after the summer puff

under the trees it makes the sound
Not the sky; i hear the tree rains down
Small bushes and paddy in field seen
bend their tops and pray in respect
The count on rain in 'cm' said science
Farmer measures on mud and bend
My life too need a measure like feel
Not the product as an index of rain


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