Thursday, June 11, 2015

Destine in dust-bin ---------(150530)---------

I don’t know when first I met you
You ever wanted to learn from me
Quest took me close to you
You chat or speak it sparks me
There's none better than you,
Now I miss those questions to me

Your native pride with definite steps
Shows your fivefold development
Nothing left for me to do for you,
At times I feel that what I wanted
You to learn from couldn’t get through
We shared dreams and forwarded
Each other the dreams of leadership-
Passion and how mean is money

It is all joke that till what I thought
I thought on every meeting a reminder
Taking you on the rail of dream
It is destiny that leads the path
Fate or chance ends beautiful
I missed those moments of quest
And talks of me you recorded
suddenly your world changed

I wish a chance or fate on second try
But you make it as lost on destiny
I had less of choice as I am tied
So I accept the destiny to write
I still dream, pray for the day ahead
That throw the destine in dust-bin
A new bright light of swift across 
Decision and power against destiny


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