Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Fearless School Boy ------《150620》-------

Grew up to be nothing in life
Drifted on a path less traveled
Had no days in school stressful
School bell decided where I am
Else it made no difference in me
Had fun chat and lived life in full

Father’s life slipped beside me
Sister too took my father's path
In three of us; me was left to live
Lived in dirt and rain jived all along

Found myself in many strains
Was strong and brutal at times
Given up much to see others happy
Made choices not all that good
Kept days go along nothing great
Achievements to cherish along

Watched my mother in pain and strain
Struggling though rich and fame
I lost my school days doing nothing
Passed a life fearless around strain

High school is important in life
I got shifted at the best school
Supposed to be the best of time
But felt it like a prison; I revolted
Without being caught did mistakes
Got horrible experiences in all
Daily routine was just a fuss
Eye half open before sun broke out
Running for bus and long journey
Now when I think; had torture joy

Cute little girl otherwise; Bulged eyes
Must be something odd or off road
Mind must be cloudy and path drifted
Life is living in full enjoyment I taught
Says; it is all when everything is fine
For me both ends don't meet now

Reflected heart of fight and wisdom
Conflicting mind and heart always
Not scared of anything around
All fall through left me unsaid
I never heard someone saying
'Wish I could be in a fearless world with u'



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