Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Education Leads Life ---------(150524)--------

Enlightening life
Swift away riffle
Education the light
Key to bright future

A glue that joins
Friends of dreams alike
Education the divine
Path to blissful success

A smooth drive
To our greatness
Education gives

Difference in thinking

Drive out ignorance
Leads to prosperity
Giving sound future
Education is life

Life as a process
Teach and Learn
Help us to earn
Education is shaping

Character is motto
Behaviour is styling
Leading to success
Education is the road

Discover true self
Explore the truth
Potential quest

Education creates

Educated one with
Strong words
Equals lakh of army
Liberates fear

To be a torch bearer
Gets along freedom
Inspired to high aspire
Education is open door

Brooks of books
Practical knowledge
Toes in fights and foes
Education is freedom

Country to Nation
Individual to Citizen
Think line is belonging
Education paves way

Education is a ladder
Takes us high to higher
Profession as passion
Education Is delighting


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