Thursday, June 11, 2015

Desire ......(150611)......

Desire, is to fed well, be cool and soft
Desire, of baby on ground is a step
Desire, in student is to strive
Desire, in youth is to flourish
Desire, in adult is an image

Desire to dream
Companion, art, literature, fame, wealth, honour, delight, career, connection, family, growth, travel

Spirit of desire
Flow in feelings
True love flame in heart
Solely turns age into desires
Make room for desire to change
Social status, protecting ego

Desire in middle age
Is an image
Un-aging intellect
Untiring physic
Controlled emotion
Spiritual growth

Desire to see name remains over ages
Takes stock and reminding’s
Many I educated
Helped and brought high
Wish all who took the fruit
Leaves a seed to grow

Desire growing for a peaceful death
Desire, in old age is to live long
Desire, on sick bed is to walk a step
Desire, on death bed, be cool and soft


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