Tuesday, June 9, 2015

MY JOURNEY TRIGGERED YOU -----[150512]-----

Back to my haven home
Driving along valley, cut through mountain shores
Butting through my memories
Through a calm culture stands the village Naduvil

My students after Jnaanam@Naduvil visit say -
There is a beauty that is present in every nuke and corner,
There is this pleasantness in the air there,
The love is rekindled everywhere there,
Super the serenity of the place, warmth of the home

"The thoughts will automatically flow -
Think of your childhood days spent there,

Think of how it became your aim to renovate,
Think of the days which you spent with your friends and students there"
Anusha demands a poem on Jnaanam

All love Jnaanam
Village stands with us;
Smith to the priest knows
Mighty one lived there.

No large and sinewy hands;
No muscles on brawny arms

Word of wisdom moves across
I see the whole world in the face,
I can hear the bellows blow;
Tough and strict me on wards
They see the flaming forge,
Learning sparks in shaping life

It makes his heart rejoice
It sounds to him like

His father's unheard voice,
Singing from Paradise!
Think of the serving mom
Tearful eyes out toiling-sorrowing

Little attempt,
Something done,
Wanted to earn a repose
My worthy students gives no rest

I taught in flaming forge of life
Create fortunes; strive wrought;
My sounding lessons bounced back
My burning thoughts knocking
The dead silence away from home
Champed the Jnaanam@Naduvil

Landing back with grey hair
Standing perplexed and still
I had my phantom nights
In the lone house I slept
Listening to the soundless
Glow-worm-fly across dark stairs

Lonely strange and still dark
Answered cropping echoing
Smote your dream - never stop
Made my gloomy cloud away

Now Jnaanam made its sprouting
Fled into life of joy and learning
Creative innovative image building
Master's choice - chosen dreams!

To build an image in life they come
Cutting mountain shores from far off
Across lands to the village - Naduvil
Students to haven home - Jnaanam


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