Sunday, June 7, 2015

Fearlessly Surrender --(150602)—

I need to be brave with a thought
To fade my sadness song less ride
Shake me out to be brave alone now
sitting in this corner, dawn to dark
I made my lost world call it madness
Tears cataract to black the colour

Blanked out future plans and dreams
Hopes are out to live till death,
Who spoke on 'Succeed not Survive'
Need brave welcome to end it forever

All around I fell alone on long journey
Deserted as I moved far, roads ended
Failed life need brave heart to raise
Unable to fight flames of blames

No wonder those with me
A day could end saying 'bye'
Not so grave but a small
Mis-take of spelling or dealing
Past they forget, so what ?
Where is saneness in me?

Have no more hope to live
Twisted life is enough and more
Courage is the feel to show brave
No straight roads are seen
Let the bright sun appear
With a news of delight to all

A brave man inspired many
Shamelessly ended life
Enlightened soul sought darkness
Gloomy end of a bright man
Helpless he left after assumed
Meaningless Help for many

Feel lives only when one adds
Value of life to many, or else
Not alive and active in words
Unsaid message to at least one
When all left after a single hearing
Retained hope on one remained

A day even that last drop too
Unspoken retire into their world
Created the vacuum un-filling
Blissfully I have to retire ever
Signals are seen from corners
Fearlessly surrendering is brave


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