Monday, June 8, 2015

Swayamatma nibandanam sukam ☆☆☆----《150608》----☆☆☆

None can never live up to anyone's anytime expectations
none does anything for anyone; it is all for self to the core

Trying to living up to expectations of many around you
Is like getting the whole ocean water into your hands

Whatever you did is just not enough for you to get credit
one does is not for credit and you are into it and couldn’t stop

You live to please your self; does it as you can’t help otherwise
Keep saying it for other is cheating the self and pity you self

When you feel that you are not good enough for someone
It is your feel from within that you left your best performance

You have chosen me not by accident or plan to blame or bless
Your option was only that in that time and space and had to

None is dull, smart, less, more, down, or up and always have flaws
Don't ever expect that always one has to be stable as you is not

Dream is life ahead for all; but don’t draw the other in your dream
Make your dream for your self attain of accomplishments

If I am a good chance and choice for you; we keep meeting
Every day and every event; once there is a match of interest

Don't ever say I want you there as I expect you there - don’t create
that is our place; be there and we meet - purpose happens - don’t create

I shall plan my acts and intimate you like anyone else; vice versa
Sure if schedule and interest matches you will be there; conversely

If you just come for making your time and not for the event
You feel down as you didn’t get my time and lost in event

Appreciating self-interest is what makes happy and success
Don’t ever plan for survival with someone ahead in progress

Swayamatma nibandanam sukam


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