Tuesday, June 9, 2015

If I was not Like this !! ****150521*****

Alone I thought
So long I travelled
Never knew where to
Do I know where to lead
Am I like this due to my karma
Is there like a dream that leads ?
I too wish to follow the quotes
Create dream aspire to fly high

I am not dreamy
I would be on thoughts
If I was not here what I would be
I couldn't what I dreamed as I am lazy
Truth that all said around me
Spirit of Love blown on me
Streams that I flew in like
Scared me always

I don’t dream of magical world
I love to see me on ground
Old boy from village
With short wings

Created my hall of fame
A few visits me at times
Enough is the vastness
Soft and pure that let be
Any drop of inks or irks
Echoes beyond bounds
I am scared of dreams

As I may not be me then


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