Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sleep and Reflect LIFE ....// 150521 //.....

I prefer to sleep and dream - but
Had my many nights in solitary room
Even in the best city hotel or Jnaanam
This lazy boy from childhood to now
Isolated even in the crowd at times
May be loneliness that in my heart

It is strange that a master like me
Motivates and being in crowd

In celebrated functions in full halls
Mobbed and touched by heart
Around after each talk after talk
reflected itself when I am alone

Haunted lonely feeling reflected in me
Whom to share to trusted to have
Waited all alone for a company
After the mass of crowd left me alone
Some thoughts and calls recompense
Like Mahatma had his 'Gita the Mother'

I drove long way on dozy nights alone
Sleepy roads from or to the home
Reflected the sleepy mood in me
Passages glanced and kept me live
Drowsed at times and had de-roads
Life reflected me not to sleep on roads

In the safe room in deep sleep too
I woke up late reminding my youth
Those nights too, I was hungry hard
Had my mom taking me to kitchen
Served rice soup with salt and soar
Tasted best in my un-brushed mouth

Earthly touched bed in village home
Old reflected thoughts stayed in me
Air conditioned blanket in best hotel
Had the same weight on my feet
Face uncovered I stayed not asleep
Reflecting life and meaning of life

Sleepless nights of solitude in home
Watching the credits of crystals too
Record of trophies in display shelf
Camp records and pics on laptop
Reflected me the reminds of the day
In old and decline of fame and crowd

Laugh for world to laugh with you
Weep, and always you weep alone
Valley Songs reflected on hills around
Shy and cry bounded down in caves
Cherish to show the smiles around
All around you measure your smiles

Halls of fame demand sleepless time
I reflect the poetic time in Delhi alone
I slept for two days blessed in solitude
That better than sleep is too in action
Creative life is reflecting in deep sleep
My lonely time in meditation is cool


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