Tuesday, June 23, 2015

SUCCESS IS A FEEL - ANYONE CAN MAKE IT ----☆---------《《150616》》---------☆----

Fear of failure haunted me always
My potential was absolute and firm
Truly competitive to succeed and win
But I believe less in success always
This is me, now when I grew-up high
As a child I was cute and cool unfilled

Younger days were like “success is mine”,
No depression, fear, pain and deceive
Tell your desire at the divine temple
Grace is within you and believe in self

I found, though I succeed, I feel not
Now I learned, success is just the feel

When young as I failed I never felt
All said me a black spot, I never felt
Now when I succeed I never felt
All around claps for me though
My happiness lessened as I grew
Growth taught being unsuccessful

For being in success I learned a lesson
Aspire high turn all stones around you
Set short term goals and light your fire
Keep passion in, blame none around

Not when you hit the goal is Success 
Treating each life-pearl as mile-stone is joy
Time is to mark sparks around work
Give no ear outside, Feel the Success



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