Sunday, June 7, 2015

Rhythm of life ----(150603)----

Old wall clock in the inner corridor
Had the swinging pendulum to strike
Bells that gave the reminder of time
I look at it and got the Rhythm of Life

Deep within, no gain on days passed
Each day from dawn to dark was
Rhythmic as un-noticed pass of time
School and home; back and forth

No change in days of college moved
Naduvil village to city of Payyanur
Longer is the rhythm now as weeks
Monday to college and Friday back

I wept not on the system had months
In university at Kochi to home solitude
I am off on swing of Arabian queen
So rhythmic, faster than the clock

Creative on the foot of Garden city
I saw the fast moving cabs and carts
Rhythmic handsome song of love
Power of sound and words swinging
Between my Maths got Philosophy
Master and Doctorate left no days

Ultimate was the space that took
My space and time, as a job to earn
The satellite had its rhythm in miles
Had the fish in stomach that cried
For the steps in ladder in promotion
I took off, it can't last than twenty

Now I live just by nature defined
Feeling myself as my enemy of time
Clock is silent at home with no rhythm
I weep for none, not even for me

Lost is the Rhythm of Life in bustle
When I felt that life is lost in bustle
I returned retired into the silent village
Of long seasonal Rhythm - My Life


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