Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Path of Peace - Spiritual move of Love ---------------- 150617 --------------

Across the mountains heavy rain
Jnaanam is in calmness alone
Breeze moved leaves in tandem
When trees meditated strong

I am caught in the moments
Of many heart breaks of troubles
Do see lot in and around calling
Hours together talking their grieves

Healing touch, words or look
Giving feel of welcome to all
Spreading my wings to many
Unspoken - unheard - strong tree

Tears filled eyes in teachers
Children uncertain on future
A wipe to give mother's touch
At times a scold and hit too

At times a bund to stop and fill
To create an overflowing joy
Path of peace has violent start
Tranquility attained like in sufi

Left myself in the rain to wet
As in my childhood I found
A cool mind and a calm heart
Like rain drops on nose tips

Bold and strong words like
Darkened cloud showering
Peace and silence around
As the rain stopped at dawn

Aloof and alone at Jnaanam
Thoughtfully made a shadow
Like a tree on path of peace
I stood on the Spiritual move



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