Friday, April 29, 2016

Realized Unpredictable Death

Realized Unpredictable Death
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I loved predicting and trained too
Depth of deep water, tree heights
Pages in books, distances around
Weight and age of people and all
Loved and taught logic and maths
Predicted depth of love at times
Reflected unpredictable and lost
Anyone could be wrong in life too
Lost is to be regained, I counselled
A step back is good to move ahead
Always my trial and effort worked
All loved me for my sure sharp shots
I love me to be unpredictable
All around me tells "they know
what I will do now and next"
I want them wrong - just to win
But I fails - as I am what I am
In cheer they said "we know you"
"You are committed not to fail in
Promise and presence always"
"I believe you - you keep promise"
Unpredictable is beautiful
Unpredictable is thrilling
Unpredictable is love life
Unpredictable creates story
Unpredictable is heartbeat
- when one takes forbidden path
- Life is on roads many not taken
One way tickets are rare for me
Unpredictable date of return
Where I shall land back
Always are planned in time
This time I forced being one way
Sensation uncontrolled in life
I sat alone on books on death
Here I learned life is unpredictable
As thoughts on death entered in life
Life is still in silence and saddened
Loneliness and memories in life
Casted shadow on strict past life
Now tears fall through lost love
Promise and commitment lost
Unpredictability death took life
Nights made deep darkness
Predicted that day won't come
Predictable is no infinite tears
All will leave to memories soon
Struggles in life faded thoughts
My predictions on my death date
Faced me in darkened death fear
Predicting my death was blunder
Felt them lucky as they have gone
Faced brave sudden death past
I wish and love to have my dears
Say the same on me "poor one"
"Left unpredictable at last in death"
"I loved you a lot and now I am
saddened - unpredictable he left"
"He grew well fast at verge of life
Left unpredictable in his peak"
I lost in unpredictable life span
I am hearing the sound of death
Footsteps though near had no clue
As unpredictable is just-in sound


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