Friday, April 29, 2016

Birth Day Gift

 Birth Day Gift

You are so wonderful that
You deserve all the best
that your life has to give
that from all around you
I hope today and all days
Be filled with happiness
and dreams come true
every step of the way.
I wish you a Birthday
far better than the rest
as you deserves special
Fill full of love to learn
When I think of wishing
many things come to mind.
heart filled in care to chase
that fills smiles with fun
Have your best fun filled
Birthday with all dears
Quiz or talk to share time
No matter what you do!
Celebrate everywhere you go
That giant cake you sliced
be the moments for Health
Youth in pleasure in group
Many add years to life
And you add life to years
all your win as you reflect
Be on the blessings of god
Life well spend for all around
Creative and inspiring in act
Glow in thought and heart
Have stars in sky to see
No Pain- no gain the say
Let you be a winner despite
Without Trouble and tire
Sparked in glory and bliss.


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