Sunday, July 5, 2015

Accident added another story ------------(150705)---------

I drove down on the road to Naduvil
Had a crossing bus at Nadukani curve
Speedy jeep faced me following bus 
I saw the blue and red glow spark
It was a sure hit and drag to death
would have taken me to electric post

A spec of moment I was out of world
All memories on moments blank
Flashed lights of life and dark death
How to make sense of it all in lost

Learned where I am; when stopped
I saw brother’s son and daughter all safe in place not hurt bad and live
No devastated feel on any face too

Front Glass of Car broke in head hit
My brother’s head had no injury, safe
All well and we stood as no matter
Tried to drive the car back to road

The car I drove many roads denied
Sunk in mud deep both left wheels
Sure would jammed in mud and grass
Helped pass by to lift it up on road
No way could drive as stuck blocked
The car mechanic is now on work
I heard my brother discussing this tragic event as a safe escape around

I love his kindness to me, not blaming
He said I saved without hurt on any
I don't know it is true, but I said sorry
As it is me who drove it to accident

It is the good three souls who prayed
Prayers of many on all these four life
The unknown rescuer plied his role
Dragged me to drive for hit and stop

Seen my mother who gave life to me
Lying lifeless and still, hardly father
All my siblings have moved on to life
Little me selfishly lived my gifted life

Thanking all for my best life so far
I wished staying at native not to miss
Reflect on the prayers I had from all
Laughing on memories until I cry

I am sure God wouldn't end it soon
Will allow me to give this story added
When I drive on this road always next
Leading to Jnaanam for another event

Grey Time Quest ---(150703)---

I scrubbing my beard sat alone
Thinking on grey hair took me back
Grey is not alone the cover on head
I never thought age will make me smart

What keeps me busy and tight now
Did I make my choice wrong, I quest
I can't stop my love on my native 
I had enough time with many offices

Quite alone the quest for learning
Quest on sharing, caring and love
Love for life is with love for others
Wish the days ahead be in bliss

Black to White is through Gray ahead
As life gets cool from dark to bright
Creative life of ageless self-motive
Wished thoughts of limitless quest

I Wish I don't wish (150702)

In whole village without boundaries
I was roaming carefree as a little boy
Until it was time for food never cared
None asked to be in home anytime

Games and work was one with cow-
Feeding in farm and field on task
Always busy smiling cool and felt high
All changed just over a curtain drama

All happy faces are grown wrinkled
Down with life and burdened family
I searched around a smiling friend
I know none dare to share feelings

They used to share-care all around
Now none understands each other too
Feeling lonely hurts deep inside empty
Wish the old cheerful face comes-back

You cry hugging yourself or the pillow
Sharing grief within wishing to care
Holding through the day and night
Memories that kills my today is worse

I wish I had no dreams or thoughts
I wish I am brave and free of thoughts
I know I can be free as I was young
Despite my social thoughts scared nil

Why should I fill life with thoughts
Wish had only hopes of future fill-in
Wishing for happy and carefree life
That cools thoughts for being in bliss

Having wish is the trouble bringing
Carefree life may have pain and grief
Never bothered on ahead and past
Never to wish is the wish I carry now

Relationship-Millipede-Meditation ---(150701)---

Free mind as if in Himalayan meditation
I was in JNAANAM all alone winded in
UN yoga came into casual thoughts
India taught world how to be pliable
Asanas leg-twisted strained over neck
Stannous was for all on media show
It was just being a spiral of knowledge
Unheard and untrained on meditation

They stood in millions of sexy legs
Like a millipede all in a leg-move but knowing not; how to spiral self within
Un-winded we all move in relationships
Over one million weeks goes in life
Creative is the making of lives on earth
No formation of people in queue Alone could make the yoga practice fame

Life is to unwind to move and protect
Relationship is to gives us company
Needed million legs to march ahead
Need none around if decided to be self
Being self is the protected self-winding
Millipede is scary always and winds
We have relations that keep us strong
Scary self-winding is never demanded


Wait for Brighter Days -------《150630》--------

Harsh rain may be roaring down
Threat of lightning and thunder too
Don't get scared and cry out alone
Sky is not this always; mood too

Things will change and be brighter
Sita-Earth hidden by Raavan-cloud
Ended soon and bright-Rama came
Turned out the moody you to bliss

Every day east horizon makes the line
Tries its passage out from far off dark
Perfidious many around you stops it
Create this space-time to grow high

On a sunny bright day you blossom
Only if you survive in darkened days 
Hope is the strength that holds you 
For brighter lighted sunny day ahead

Desire and Deserve -----《150629》-----

I kept my desire to be in bliss; not seen the star to see deserving and destiny
Tomorrow is unknown; gathered hope wrote in my fate book to shape life
You are a leader when you keep your head raised even when all blame you
You are trust worthy not when you create that feel in all; but trust yourself
You have patience not when others tell this; but you enjoy waiting untiring

Your truthfulness is not the count of lies; what and what made you to do so
You are wise when in hatred you talk nice without giving way to hating
You can dream and that makes your master thoughtful; you set examples
Make your aim high and don't think of it but think for it; you achieve it right
You are spiritual; if blissful always and feel unchanged in triumph and fall

You are wise not on count of wins; but start everyday afresh forgetting past
You want to reach the crown; win the crowd with talk, crown will reach you
Walk with shoulder up and bend for common; all will love and serve you
You the man in you is quite and Loving with leadership is made for serving

Deserve a celebrity death is not life
But living an unnoticed life is death

Seasons change likewise Moods ----------------《150626》-------------

Wet Spring - rains melts the snow
Consoling touch - wept the grief
Hot Summer - no work only fun
Got temper - no action; waste of time
Cool Fall - change in colour
Failed friendship - due to true colour
Cold Winter - chilled action less
No mood - face blown fully moody
Seasons changes from wind to
Sun to snow to cool for all good
Fall of leaves to grow the new
Every cry is to smile sooner
On dead branch see snow as flower
On death bed too smiles the old in fun
Green turns to red and brown 
Mood changes the face colours
Seasons makes the nature different
Moods in life makes it colourful

Life reflection or shadow - LIFE is to LIVE beautifully ---------《150625》---------

Look at light, I see the brightest me
I turn against light I see my shadow
I saw my shadow and wept in fear
Drowned in endless undiscovered tear
Searched ways of self-discovery alone
None told me the light is on other side
Feared lost; mind became departed
Unseen dangerous snakes rapped me
The day on my meeting with GURU
He turned me just in time to learn
Brightness had in thoughts and life
Learned life to reflect and live alone
He taught me to share, love and care
Air has oxygen than carbon dioxide
Life too has positive than negatives
But people do process it to negatives
Cherish or to perish is choice one has
Create moments that has brighter life
Life in group is bliss; live alone is crime
Creating group is not that easy task
All are due in choice with no quest
I wish have the passion to learn self
Ask a question on your attitude shine
Do your heart choose to stay alone
Are you with someone to gain life
Alone in the group where you are now
Alone is a feel and company is a feel
Turn to hear your pain inside again ask
Hear in the dark night; your sobs alone
Fear in your self; stops day-night again
Love to be the being that urged in me
Strive the bliss of bless by guru in me
At times the blocked flow on need
Not known where I'm going or have to
Why do life doesn't move to get to me
I wait for a student who could turn me bright
I read article by Aparna on her grandpa
Money is dust back-dropped in walk
Value the learning and teaching alone
Message from my guru in his poem
Wish I had him for longer time with me
Wish I had used time with him better
Hope no students ever had same fate
Hope life to live ahead is beautiful

What you Imagine is NOT real -------------《150624》-------------

Imagine a life 
Where everything is calm and clear 
Imagine a life
Where all around with fame and fare
Imagination has
never limited and fixed never for pain
Reality has share of 
happiness, pain, shame and fame
I get a heartache and
Feel alone when no teaching a day
A call from unknown
gives a hope and forgets all the pain
I fall deeply in love 
waiting thirst for the day of class 
But that isn`t a fairy one
In real looks so shabby and untaken
Not everything is clear 
Not my choices are right and best
But in the end when 
There will always be someone loves it
I imagine that a few writes
Not seen someone ever respond after
Contact of any is a ray of hope 
Many a times it is lost in dusty storm
I never feel old with kids
Imagine that they take me as friends 
Rare is to see any choice
But had a few triggered lively classes
It create a block in dream 
And shut out myself in aloof to say NO
To all my sessions ahead
Imagine the world is bad, I worth nil
Happily soon gets a call
'Sir, I attended your session and wanted you to be with us here for a larger audience at your chosen date'
Dreams can come true
Lost mind gets blossomed in reality
Cheer that was lost in dream
Gets in an imagined real rejoice later
The trouble of travel
heavy dusk on the shut of activity
That is the reality 
On a mercy call wait this used less
Wish a zeal reborn
Brighter dawn for a shining day
That never set ever
Darkness is never in imagination