Sunday, July 5, 2015

I Wish I don't wish (150702)

In whole village without boundaries
I was roaming carefree as a little boy
Until it was time for food never cared
None asked to be in home anytime

Games and work was one with cow-
Feeding in farm and field on task
Always busy smiling cool and felt high
All changed just over a curtain drama

All happy faces are grown wrinkled
Down with life and burdened family
I searched around a smiling friend
I know none dare to share feelings

They used to share-care all around
Now none understands each other too
Feeling lonely hurts deep inside empty
Wish the old cheerful face comes-back

You cry hugging yourself or the pillow
Sharing grief within wishing to care
Holding through the day and night
Memories that kills my today is worse

I wish I had no dreams or thoughts
I wish I am brave and free of thoughts
I know I can be free as I was young
Despite my social thoughts scared nil

Why should I fill life with thoughts
Wish had only hopes of future fill-in
Wishing for happy and carefree life
That cools thoughts for being in bliss

Having wish is the trouble bringing
Carefree life may have pain and grief
Never bothered on ahead and past
Never to wish is the wish I carry now


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