Thursday, October 27, 2016

Want of Care ---161027

Want of Care

Dear be careful with your heart.
Don't let it out to any to break apart.
Share it to none as when you get it
It would be back in bits and pieces

'Swayamaathma nibhandanam sukham'
Says the saying as it says be in-self
Feel warm in self don't shiver for love
Be alone in-noticed in shadow don't care

Stayed strong on the ground rooted
None could scrap me off and kick down
No care if you throw anything to hurt me
Call me stupid and scold, I don't care

No fear of failure, I know the world around
Cruel and greedy care none,  busy selves

I am alive with me inside alone in cold dark
It is young screw up relations in bad state

The old fell from chair and pair took care
Heard, one said be careful, he recognised

Busy earning around, never knew why ?Wish someone care, bad shouldn't happen

Someone is essential, cook and feed
Care and love or control and guide
Care is more of worries and pain
Heart burns and feel they did it to you

Suffering and disappointment is end
When care is just unseen and took
Careless and bring you down shaking
Dreams and love on the loved ones

Fights and pretend showed care
No matter, hurt is love and care
Someone around always caring
Leaving no time for self, over-care

At the end of all it is old me alone
None around will care, who cares
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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

My old age at Abandoned Jnaanam ----- 161026

My old age at Abandoned Jnaanam
-----  -------    161026 ------  -----

Let me tell my forgotten stories of troubles
Comfort was never ever my cup of tea
I loved troubles and took scene out to Watch sitting beside the window shield

Darkness embracing my sorrow childhood
Belly of darkness was the tiny small rooms
Black flowers collected drops of dew
Its petals lightened moonlight reflected

Not a road, pathway just fit for one ended
At my home gate and deep inside no trace
No houses beside nor far in sight away
Struck aloof as life too saintly undesired

Inside my heart suffering that I enjoyed
Made me Not to appreciate another’s
Are we created not to care any around ?
Face of nature so coldly ruthless I felt

I voluntarily indoctrinated at Jnaanam
Due to desperate need to be with bright
Lot of students and professionals always
Kept an illusion of purpose that was false

Celebrate the unconferencing diversity
Sense to make sense of senselessness
Everyone dream and aspire; I had nill
Taught what is love or this way is better

Truthful than anyone else understands
Depicted spirit and love of learning
Can guilt LIFE in Enjoyment for long
Identified humanity is sharing learning

Kept cultural - social - political - religious
Stay away differences for being social
Reflected the notable unity in diversity
Lost now in the dark of aloof unwanted

Learned if not institutionalised
If not created belt of identity tag
I like anyone will be abandoned after
LIFE mentor help you to cross trouble
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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Ram Ram in Fiery Fiji -------161016------

Ram Ram in Fiery Fiji

BULA in Itaukei welcome in Nadi
di is NDI and thus Nadi is Nandi
Ram Ram in Fiery Fiji

BULA in Itaukei welcome in Nadi
di is NDI and thus Nadi is Nandi
I saluted the bullock of the Shiva
Then for RAMA on Siva at Suva

Sand beneath my feet off shore
At the end of Indian Ocean
Finally I am here in Fiji Conference
warmth inactive and emptyness

cold nor hot neither drizzle
I looked into the blue sky
palm trees decorated the pave
leaves swaying softly in breeze.

My most favourite hibiscus 🌺
BULA shirts over SULU
gave the variety colorfull
dry dark stem in black soil

I saw the Fijians, Guyana, Penang
Canberra and Auckland, Muricious
Core hindi group of Thulsi Das
An odd me and the Archie Rao

Satwik food supplied, only had
lost chance of spicy Fijian food
My kerala attire was a change
Taste on tea too remained stable

Beautifully bloomed flowers
Dance in glee ramleela is left
beauty and wonder of Fiji too
warmest comfort Under hot sun

Solitude I stayed in island Fiji
heart filled storms unstopped
through the sea storms stayed
dreamed sublime Sita alone

No city noise still unending joys
alone young in heart dust I slept
inside soul solo blanket shielded
hesitation lonely road silent walk

I shall return for now, I must travel
Across tranquil sea long enjoyed
I softly kiss Fiji as it has origin Girmit
Had fiery days on British and self

scenery - Architecture BULA
BULA from lovely people
As I wished Ram Ram
It is to return again one day

An odd me =. Only me who is from south India . Rao too had his office activity in Delhi . All others from UP / Varanasi / Delhi / Mumbai and all on ThusliDas and Ramleela

Archie = man who is from Archeology

BULA = welcome
Nadi = International Airport
Gurmit = Indians brought to Fiji by British Force in early nineteen nineties on agreement
Suva = Capital city where conferenced RAMA
SULU = dress that is commonly used here

Taste on tea too remained stable = I prefer tea, here all love coffee or masala tea
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