Wednesday, October 26, 2016

My old age at Abandoned Jnaanam ----- 161026

My old age at Abandoned Jnaanam
-----  -------    161026 ------  -----

Let me tell my forgotten stories of troubles
Comfort was never ever my cup of tea
I loved troubles and took scene out to Watch sitting beside the window shield

Darkness embracing my sorrow childhood
Belly of darkness was the tiny small rooms
Black flowers collected drops of dew
Its petals lightened moonlight reflected

Not a road, pathway just fit for one ended
At my home gate and deep inside no trace
No houses beside nor far in sight away
Struck aloof as life too saintly undesired

Inside my heart suffering that I enjoyed
Made me Not to appreciate another’s
Are we created not to care any around ?
Face of nature so coldly ruthless I felt

I voluntarily indoctrinated at Jnaanam
Due to desperate need to be with bright
Lot of students and professionals always
Kept an illusion of purpose that was false

Celebrate the unconferencing diversity
Sense to make sense of senselessness
Everyone dream and aspire; I had nill
Taught what is love or this way is better

Truthful than anyone else understands
Depicted spirit and love of learning
Can guilt LIFE in Enjoyment for long
Identified humanity is sharing learning

Kept cultural - social - political - religious
Stay away differences for being social
Reflected the notable unity in diversity
Lost now in the dark of aloof unwanted

Learned if not institutionalised
If not created belt of identity tag
I like anyone will be abandoned after
LIFE mentor help you to cross trouble
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