Thursday, October 27, 2016

Want of Care ---161027

Want of Care

Dear be careful with your heart.
Don't let it out to any to break apart.
Share it to none as when you get it
It would be back in bits and pieces

'Swayamaathma nibhandanam sukham'
Says the saying as it says be in-self
Feel warm in self don't shiver for love
Be alone in-noticed in shadow don't care

Stayed strong on the ground rooted
None could scrap me off and kick down
No care if you throw anything to hurt me
Call me stupid and scold, I don't care

No fear of failure, I know the world around
Cruel and greedy care none,  busy selves

I am alive with me inside alone in cold dark
It is young screw up relations in bad state

The old fell from chair and pair took care
Heard, one said be careful, he recognised

Busy earning around, never knew why ?Wish someone care, bad shouldn't happen

Someone is essential, cook and feed
Care and love or control and guide
Care is more of worries and pain
Heart burns and feel they did it to you

Suffering and disappointment is end
When care is just unseen and took
Careless and bring you down shaking
Dreams and love on the loved ones

Fights and pretend showed care
No matter, hurt is love and care
Someone around always caring
Leaving no time for self, over-care

At the end of all it is old me alone
None around will care, who cares
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