Sunday, June 7, 2015

I am Brighter - Enlightened? ☆☆--------(150607)---------☆☆

Standing on the ground

Looking to the sun
I say I am bright
I know it is just a reflection
That I see brightness

I need you closer within
To find me, in bright
Stay away, may be u can see me
I can't see you, neither touch you
I want to feel you
I am sure I can't reach you

Your presence is a miracle
You can change me
Raise me to be active
I am ready to be me

As you wake up
You wake me up too
I know you are the one
Unprejudiced manager
Manager of time and act
Without you I am blind
Most reasonable love
Make me seasoned

Emotions throbbed like a child
Confession stays immature
What am I to do; to keep me going
Stability I have to learn from you

At time I guess I am in shadow
Lost your brightness due to season
I need you to be in me always
Let me not lose you in dark

I want to touch you; keep you
Live your life as mine in bright
Just this life; let me be with you
Live Inquiry Filled Enlightenment


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