Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Passion after Pension ----------(150522)----------

Regarded respect with no crossing
Sustained salary and decent level
Real bliss imparted position, I left
Wealth I missed, against a pension
Sustained by my massive travel
Reached the unreached corners
Covered the variety of topic lectures
Overstrained and called it passion

I own many nothing to own about
I taught inside and outside of all
Time passed fast and students grew
I was wrong, told whom I taught

I wish I restore my wealth of earning
Could create hearts dwells in learning
All in vain, only little I could supply
Foolish man dug in wrong grounds
Little depth in many places around
Foolish me, found no water evident
Vast I got the pride I loved growing
This passion gave no fruit counters
Realized deep dug only gives water
It was passion that counted fruitless

Aging too, had counts on action
Not that well passion sustain
Gracefully I surrender to needs

While here on earth have deeds
Growing older started showing
Body reminded that I need rest
Teeth is strong but feel it is loose
Owing to my time and effort soon
Feel this passion game is enough
What next for one failed and lost
Tried education super market too
Virtual university was in making

I stay today without trips to doctors
Drawing pension enough to live
But the truth is that it is not enough
I say to me that I graced in teaching
My approach is my style and ways
Take it along the way another chance

My HERMITAGE in serene village
Hibiscus and Tulsi dwells around
Though alone most of the time
I cherish uncomfortable comforts
Anyone worked with me may say
Would better government crowned

Remote from remote sensing space
Old walls half paved smoky stone
Roof of wooden thick panels atop
Against the cosy rooms in white
I stayed welcoming those who have
Passion to learn from this old prof.
I remained with virtual super market
Regarded respect with no crossing


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