Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Paper boat float - Me Not To --------《150619》--------

Little me with paper boat to float
Wished for a good rain flush for
Enough water down the path
Looked at the sky I waited long

It got dark and I was forced to sleep
Seen the drains over flowed in dream
Morning seen the wet drained yard
I wished to wait to launch another day

Tonight will not bury my wish
Wished for the moon dim light
Missed no alternate options
Re-lived troubles of storm calm

I floated my paper boat on a day
Torrential rain slashed watered ditch
My un-blinked eyes followed my boats
Down the stream lost in sight far off

Swelled vortex stream took my boat
Disappear in sunk and up to show live
I hopefully looked for sunk boat
Curse me or blame it on rain for flop

I be that little boy enjoyed being dirty
Splitting and stopping water to stop
Others boats in race to see my boat
Win the race, I enjoyed being naughty.

Life moved fast ahead today in drain
Like stormed rain took the lost boat
In dream saw me in folded paper boat
Afloat chased in stream down fast

Me the paper boat lost balance
Falling apart the folds and shape
Stupid rainfall sinking me in
Stupid me unable to save

I wish
someone love making paper boats
I wish
someone giving me an umbrella
I wish
someone stand beside pick me
I wish
someone stop rain, protect drenched



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