Thursday, September 3, 2015

My Malak to KALAM, the Malak ---------------(150729)---------------

My Malak to KALAM, the Malak

The speaker teacher fell on stage
What a great death, Kalam sir left us
Endless parade for the past supreme
Quotes painted face flew endless on FB
Laughing children took his soul in heart
Drafted a line to share grief in his style
Kalam hair style with spikes down
Smile to all; cloudy gaze, down face
Passion speaker interacted informal
All had pleasure on his lucid talk
Had always something innovated
Was swift in speech as was he walked
Grinned in laugh on small and big
Chained all in one; art, science, music,
Space, Pokran underground, Assembly, 
President’s abode, home in Rameswar
Such a president never known before
Who made a garden love as a child?
Only he knew the pleasure with kids
Shared views in UN as to his students
Educating was in blood, loved being 
Not as scientist-president-speaker
But just as a teacher entangling kids
As student watched in quest to learn
India taught the world as how and what 
Scientist is to president as he is
Introduced Indian Muslim vegetarian 
Playing veena and quoting Sanskrit
He left behind many lines of dreams
Visions and many visionaries to carry
Left no place unvisited, untiring travel
Lifted up morale of all - now a dream



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